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Rocking Fun Music tm Records press release Friday 12-14-2013 1:11 a.m
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press release Friday 12-14-2013  1:11 a.m Wisconsin side-

We will be launching January 17, 2014 , with the release of One Pretty Minute -You Live Here Now -March 2014

Any interested parties may e-mail Kellie Levans to join the CO-OP ~

Rocking Fun Music ™ Records-Your success is Our success 

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and inbox me for further talks

Rocking Fun Music ™ Records is a new media company dedicated 100% to the artist.

Your success is our success.

To join Rocking Fun Music ™ Records, you must first be a member of Promotions 4 Pennies consulting package -

To join our record company means to remain completely independent-

You must be both writer/publisher/under BMI/ASCAP/OR SESAC  

You must already have a product ready for distribution-

We do offer distribution through DISTRO-KID

To have Rocking Fun Music ™ Records -a trademarked company under class 35

for promotions, distribution, merchandising and more-we will provide you with these services

a) sales, branding, digital distribution

b)product management, licensing agreements

c)Radio Promotions, partnerships, marketing, online publicity

d)advertising, research, social media marketing

d) artist development

e) creative services, fan engagement, in-store promotions

f) tour hype, dates, and all sites to receive extensive web exposure

The goal of working in unison with the artist is to achieve the maximum amount of success at the least minimal risk to the co-operative joint endeavor of your brand and Rocking Fun Music ™ Records .

Rocking Fun Music ™ Records is here to protect your work and legacy

Peace & Prayer -Kellie Levans-

Rocking Fun Music ™ Records-

All genre’s

Welcoming Christian Artist’s