Industry body; 2017-05-09 12:30; Codebase


  • Heather Burns (Skype)
  • Orde Saunders
  • Alan White
  • Siân Harris
  • Red Warrior

Apologies for absence:

  • Charlie Wood (Work)


Orde:  Have a some comments from John on the draft constitution to respond to.

Siân:  We now have branding!  Gave us a run through of the brand documents (will share on Slack) and hopes to be able to give a run through on Thursday at the launch event.

The branding is designed to be flexible enough to be usable for different applications (e.g. local groups) but strong enough that it still holds together.

We can take this to build a pattern library.

Launch event - Thursday.  26 people signed up at the moment, by hook or by crook we’ll be streaming as well.  Need to record things.

Plan for event was discussed.

Actions for next meeting:

  • Launch event
  • Apply branding to website (Siân and Heather)

Next meeting:

Thursday 11 May @ 18:00, FanDuel Edinburgh

After the launch event this steering group will have fulfilled its mission and thus will be dissolved.  From the launch event onwards things will be run fully as Web Matters.