Enloe Magnet High School                        Mr. Puckett and Ms. Klenow

Advanced Art 1 and 2 Magnet Honors Summer Homework

Congratulations!  You have been recommended for an Advanced Art Magnet Honors class.  These classes are rigorous and we expect you to already have a solid foundation in drawing skills, media exploration, and a firm command of the elements and principles of design.  Choose 2 of these assignments to do over summer break.  You may use any media and work in any size on any kind of paper.  They are do the first Thurs/ Friday of school in August 31/September 1st

  1.  Portrait in the style of another artist.  Draw someone in your life (Mom, friend, relative, or selfie) in the style of another artist.  See below.

        Cubism                Van Gogh                Magritte                Obey


2.  Emoting Object - Add an emotion of your choice to a still object. Focus on detail, mood,  & texture.   


3. Rorschach Drawing- Make an inkblot, (or paintblot) let dry, then add details to create a symmetrical image, it’s the ultimate doodle.  Use a pen or marker to create an organic design over a the ink/paint.  Play with different line weights.  Fill in gaps with dark solid color.  Balance negative and positive spaces

4. TREE Surprise - Draw a detailed textured tree and add an unexpected image slightly hidden within.


5.  Metamorphosis - Choose 2 objects with similar shapes, draw the object transforming into something different.