LILAC 2013 Google Forms and Tables

Hands on: Creating an Evaluation Form

View a sample evaluation form.

Scenario: You’ve been asked to create a simple online form for collecting library instruction evaluation information from students.  The form must (at a minimum) include the following:



Create the form using Google forms.  Try to use a variety of the question types available.  Feel free to include other questions you deem appropriate.

*Tip* Using multiple choice or selection type questions will generally make for cleaner data because it controls the values that get input.  

Hands on: Using Google Fusion Tables

Using the following Basic Instruction Stats Fusion Table try to create the following:

To further explore fusion tables, feel free to play with the Evaluation form Fusion Table which contains some data based on the sample evaluation form


Kaufman, R., Platt, W. A., & Guerra, I. (Eds.). (2005). Practical evaluation for educators: Finding what works and what doesn't. Corwin Press.

Popham, W. J. (2008). Transformative assessment. Association for Supervision & Curriculum Development.

Web Pages

Creating a Google form: 

Google Support Pages for Google Sheets:

Google Support Pages for Google Drive:

Google Support Pages for Google Fusion Tables:


A tour of google forms: 

Getting Started with Google Fusion Tables Video:

Other useful Google tools

Google Refine:

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