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Problem Discovery
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Problem Discovery

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Problem Discovery

Collect the Facts about the Symptoms (Get facts)

Behind schedule by…

Productivity is…

Rework is…

Work habits are…

Scrap is…

Job interest is…

Machine downtime is…

Complaints are…

Accident rate…

 Attendance is…

Setup time is…

 Job satisfaction is…

Explore Possible Causes for Critical Symptoms

  • Job Method
  • Incorrect job assignment
  • Layout
  • Faulty instruction and follow up                
  • Tools, fixtures, etc.
  • Insufficient skill and experience
  • Machines or equipment
  • Poor relations
  • Materials or parts
  • Personal conflict
  • Working conditions or housekeeping
  • Health and physical fitness
  • Unsafe conditions
  • Unsafe acts

Barriers to Solving Problems

Problem Discovery

People Problems

Method Problems

Don’t know - Can’t Do

 Don’t care, Won’t do

Process, Layout, Materials, Tools, Equipment, Design


Knowledge, productivity, skill


Attitude and behavior


Method for a better way

Production Problems

Personnel Problems

  • Deliveries delayed because of errors and mistakes of people making the parts.
  • Employees don’t know their jobs.
  • Mix-ups in trucking service.
  • Parts returned by another department because they were not made right.
  • Operators have special problems because of engineering changes.
  • Poor planning.
  • Employees have difficulty in getting up to production on new type equipment.
  • Aisles too congested.
  • Excessive wear and tear on equipment
  • Employees leave to other plants – couldn’t “get the hang” of the job.
  • New employees lack experience in mechanical things.
  • Lack interest in the work.
  • Employees want transfers - think they can “make out” better on other jobs.
  • Claim to have good experience but don’t “come through.”
  • Too much time to get up to production.
  • Instructed the wrong way.
  • Can’t get experienced people any more.
  • Employees get discouraged learning the job.

Safety Problems

Quality Problems

  • Safety equipment not properly used.
  • Material not piled properly.
  • Poor shop housekeeping.
  • Don’t know safety rules.
  • Employees don’t know hazards of their jobs.
  • Employees get careless.
  • Minor injuries not reported.
  • Not meeting inspection standards.
  • Too much scrap or re-work.
  • Jigs and gauges not properly used.
  • Not following specifications.
  • Too much left to operator’s judgment.

Plus/Minus exercise – list operators with job skills that are the best in the team and weakest.                                                          “Learning by Doing” Workbook