Te Reo Maori

Ngā kai

WALT name food in MaoriScreen Shot 2015-06-02 at 3.51.02 pm.png

Take a look at our delicious plates :

PicCollage (8)

These are some of the foods I no. Ipu_jug apporo_apple rewai_potato

Pannana_bannana rahie_rice salt_toto


At the start these word's where challenging but when I practiced and practiced I could do them off by heart. I enjoyed learning these words on the blog for reading.

How confident I feel when naming food in Te Reo Maori: I feel very confident because I could name lots when I got tested by a buddy

How Kelly thinks I am going with this:

Here is Kelly's comment:

I think we all were put in the learning pit with this learning. We all got the ‘Eureka!’ moment when we were able to name our lunch items. I am pleased you enjoyed listening to te reo on the blog Lachie.