La Crosse Girlchoir

                                                                                        P.O.Box 2403

                                                                                        La Crosse, WI 54602


      Spring Semester 2018 Registration Form

    To keep our records current, all families are asked to complete the entire

    registration form. Please print clearly.

Choir Member’s Name ____________________________________________________________________

Choir Member’s Birthdate _________________________________________________________________

Choir Member’s School and Grade __________________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian Name(s) _________________________________________________________________

Phone Number(s) ________________________________________________________________________

*please indicate type of number, ie: cell, home, work, names of what number belongs to whom 

Home Address __________________________________________________________________________

Email Address ___________________________________________________________________________

Best way to be contacted 1hr. prior to rehearsal _______________________________________________

Emergency Contact Name _________________________________________________________________

Emergency Contact Phone Number _________________________________________________________

Emergency Contact Relationship to Choir Member _____________________________________________

At the end of the 3rd, 5th, and 7th year in choir, members are awarded a charm to recognize their commitment. 

This will be my daughter’s _________ semester in the choir.

Photo/Video Release - I hereby give permission for images of my child, captured during regular and special La Crosse Girlchoir events and activities through video, photo and digital camera, to be used solely for the purposes of the La Crosse Girlchoir promotional material, publications, internet website, newspaper articles, and waive any rights of compensation or ownership thereto.  My signature verifies my consent.

Parent/Guardian Signature ________________________________________________________________

Registration and payment should be turned in at rehearsal or submitted to:

La Crosse Girlchoir, P.O. Box 2403, La Crosse, WI 54602

Please note that tuition needs to be paid in full by the concert performance,

or a late fee of $15 will be assessed.

Any payment questions can be directed to: 

✽✽The registration fee for Girlchoir is 50% of your semester tuition ($100.00/$125.00).

The remainder of the tuition will be due by April 25th.✽✽