Good Natured Family Farms

Buy Fresh, Buy Local


  1. Grow products within a 200 mile radius of the Kansas City Metro Area. Foods not locally available will be sourced as close to Kansas city as possible.
  2. Grow on small family size farms.
  3. Grow using environmentally sustainable methods with minimal use of pesticides.
  4. Raise animals free-range without the use of growth hormones and sub-therapeutic antibiotics.
  5. Use no genetically modified seed varieties or livestock breeds.
  6. Process locally using traditional handcrafted artisan methods with no or minimal use of artificial ingredients or preservatives.  The main ingredient must be locally grown or produced.  
  7. Enhance the environment, reduce pollution, and practice social responsibility.
  8. Sell only at locally owned and operated markets.
  9. Stimulate and support local and rural economies
  10. Use the breeds and varieties best suited to produce the highest quality products for the Kansas City Metro area.