2018 Member Presentation Guidelines                                                                                                                 Tokyo JALT logo (no background).png

  1. Apply at http://bit.ly/PresentatTokyoJALT.

  1. Indicate whether or not this session will be promoting commercial teaching materials, commercial systems, or other commercial services. Tokyo JALT gives preference to any non-commercial presentations. If you are interested in presenting commerical materials, please speak to our president at tokyojalt@gmail.com about potential opportunities.

  1. Insure that the topic is current and relevant to the language teaching field and to Tokyo JALT members.

  1. Clearly explain the purpose of the presentation.

  1. Refer to specific theories, practices (e.g., teaching methods, scholars), and/or research on which the presentation is based. Use citations, terminology, and/or refer to recent debates in the field, as relevant to your presentation content.

  1. Provide enough detail to indicate that the recommendations/conclusions/arguments will be substantiated. For research based presentations in particular, indicate what your findings are (e.g., in mixed methods studies—do the findings from your qualitative data support the findings from your quantitative data; did you reject your hypothesis or not; was there a significant correlation or not, etc.).

  1. Write clearly so that a non-specialist would be able to understand it. If you are referring to concepts and scholars outside of TESOL/SLA, provide a short explanation (or definitions) of what the terms mean, who the scholars are, etc. as appropriate.  

  1. Do not include your name or any identifying details in the abstract that could be used to identify the presenter.

  1. Keep the abstract under 300 words long.

  1. Include an 80 word blurb for use in publications and advertising, should your presentation be accepted.

  1.  Submit a short (up to 75 word) bio including your education and work background, suitable for publication. You will be asked to submit a recent photo if your presentation is accepted.

  1.  Keep all applications plain text only. Do not format your document with tabs, bold text, bullet marks or multiple line breaks between paragraphs. All formatting will be stripped when the document is submitted to the database and sent to the reading committee.

  1.  Enter all your submission details following the on-screen instructions. Once complete, submit your summary and abstract. DO NOT SEND BY EMAIL. Only website submissions will be accepted.

  1.  As all correspondence from the program committee regarding your submission will be via email, please ensure you enter a correct working email address! We will be notifying presenters around the middle of May with submission results. It is important you provide an email address you can access at this time, as presenters who do not confirm their intention to present may be removed from the schedule. It is your responsibility to confirm your presentation even if you are away from home or work.  Should two weeks pass after a confirmation is sent, a second attempt will be made. Should no timely response be received, acceptance will be rescinded. For this reason, be sure to notify the program team of any changes in your contact address.

  1.  In most cases a confirmation email will be sent within a week of your submission. This email message is your receipt to show your submission has been received. PLEASE KEEP A COPY of this message in case of any queries or problems related to your submission. IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE A CONFIRMATION, CHECK YOUR JUNK OR SPAM MAIL FOLDER.

  1. If you cannot find a confirmation message, IT MEANS YOUR SUBMISSION WAS PROBABLY NOT RECEIVED. Therefore, please contact the Program Chair (program@tokyojalt.org) to check on the status of your submission. In most cases, failure to receive confirmation mail means the presentation details were not submitted correctly.