Space Race Service Learning

Throughout the course of this mini-unit you have studied the incredible achievements of dedicated men and women who propelled our species into space and into a new era. The accomplishments of the past don’t have to rest there alone, the world calls out for new contributions of service in the hopes of making this planet and today’s people better off. To this end we have identified a few areas where your help will make a difference.

Advocacy groups

This will be a six step process:


Identify one of the above service options you want to work on. Consider the ways in which you can contribute and the importance of the project.

Title of Service Project: ___________________________________

What kind of service project is this?

Advocacy / Action

What is the goal of the service project?

Who is organizing the project?

I will myself

I will be lending my efforts to an organization

How difficult will this project be to participate in?

Write a 1 paragraph explanation of why this project appeals to you

Planning / Prep: Now that you have identified your service project begin detailing your plan to accomplish the task. Consider what efforts and resources it may take (time, technology etc)

What are the resources necessary to participate in this project?

How many days of service are planning on contributing to this project?

Will you be working individually or with others (in person, online)?

How will you know when you are finished with this project?

List step-by-step the actions you will be taking to complete this service learning assignment:


Please document the implementation of the project.

You may use pictures, videos, audio-recording, written narratives or other evidence to show the implementation of your project. Be creative - you will be using these artefacts during your presentation on the project.

Reflection: Create a short visual representation of your service project you can present in class on day five.  Write a one page review of your accomplishments and setbacks (be honest).  

Demonstration / Celebration: On day 5 projects will be presented during social studies class.