Navigating the Portal & BLACKBOARD

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Access Your Class List & Students’ Info

  1. Log onto the Portal
  2. Click on the COURSES  tab.
  3. Look under the Course list in the middle of page and choose the course you wish to access.
  4. To access student information go to
  5. If you click a student's name this will display all their information.

Post Early Alert Warnings

Submit Early Warnings for any students who do not show up to class based on your class roster. The EARLY WARNING SYSTEM is used to identify students who have not shown up for class, have excessive tardiness, or have other issues which might be putting them at “risk”. Instructors use this rule-driven communication tool to send email messages to Students and their Observers when Early Warning System rule criteria are met. Rules are created by Instructors and can be based on grades, due dates, or course access.The Instructor can communicate a warning in an email message to the Student only, to a parent or advisor that is assigned as an Observer, or both. The Instructor can use the default message or edit it. The Notification History creates a record for each Early Warning message sent.It is especially important to identify these students within the first 2-weeks of the semester so staff in the Learning Center can reach out and provide the necessary assistance.

  1. Go onto Blackboard and choose the course in which you wish to create an early warning system for. (Make sure edit mode is ON)
  2. Go to the control panel and choose evaluation.
  3. Under evaluation click on the Early Warning System link
  4. Click on create rule. Decide on the type of rule you want to use.(grade, due date, or access to the course space)
  5. Create the rule information and criteria, then click submit and run the rule.
  6. Notify students if they are meeting these criteria. .

Post last day of Attendance

  1. Log onto the Portal
  2. Click on the Faculty Resources Tab
  3. Navigate to the Faculty Dashboard Channel
  4. Click on the Class List Icon
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the "Last Attended" link.
  6. Enter the Date of Last Attendance for each student being sure to be very careful of the MM/DD/YYYY format (10/02/2015).
  7. Scroll to the bottom and click Submit

Post your Office Hours

  1. Log onto the Portal
  2. Click on the Faculty Resources tab.
  3. Look to the Faculty Dashboard Channel.
  4. Click the clock to the right of your first class.
  5. Using Military Timing, enter the "From Time" and "To Time" for your Office Hours.
    Please be aware that there must be a break between the time one event ends and another begins. If your class ends at 11:00 a.m. and your office hour start right after, please put the start of your office hour as 11:05.
  6. Select the Days of the week you are available at this time.
    Enter the Location, (HAS 115).
    Select a Contact Number from the drop down menu.
    Enter the From Date and the To Date.
  7. Click the "Display" button.
  8. Click Submit.

If the submission is successful you will see the following image toward the top of the page.

Message Your Students

  1. Log onto Blackboard
  2. Click on the Courses tab and choose the course you wish to enter.
  3. Go to the messages link and click create message .
  4. Click on To and choose your recipient. Once they are highlighted, click on the arrow facing right to move their name to the recipient box  
  5. Enter a subject and body then click submit


Anatomy of Blackboard:

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