1) According to the video who was the most famous person to ever visit Harper’s Ferry?

a) Bejamin Franklin

b) Thomas Jefferson

c) Abraham Lincoln

2) What famous person helped to survey Harper’s Ferry before they became President?

a) James Monroe

b) George Washington

c) Abraham Lincoln

3) Harpers Ferry was designed in part to protect what new city?

a) New York

b) Baltimore

c) Washington D.C.

4) John Brown’s goal was to

a) Start the Civil War

b) Abolish Slavary

c) Send slaves back to Africa

5) Who did John Brown feel had told him to act against slavery?

a) God

b) Abraham Lincoln

c) Robert E Lee


6) About how many African Americans live near and around Harper’s Ferry

a) 5,000

b) 10,000

c) 23,000

7) John Brown and his supporters made 1,000 of what kind of weapon?

a) Knives

b) Pikes

c) Rifles

8) How many hours did the John Brown raid last?

a) 12 Hours

b) 24 Hours

c) 36 Hours

9) Why did they not attack the Firehouse at night?

a) They were afraid of hurting the hostages

b) They were afraid of the dark

c) They were waiting for reinforcements

10) ) What did John Brown try to do at his trial?

a) Escape through a window

b) Convince the jury he was innocent

c) Put slavery on trial