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  1. Plane Crashes into Empire State Building, July 1945 

  2. (by Pathé News)

Level: Medium; Language: Numbers, Past Simple, Narrative Tenses, Buildings

This is a story from the news in 1945. An American war plane (a Mitchell Bomber) crashed into what was then the biggest skyscraper in the world, New York's Empire State Building.

Task 1: Watch the video once and answer these questions:

a. Why did the plane crash into the building?

b. How many people died?

c. How much time passed before they reopened the Empire State Building?

Task 2: Now watch the video again and complete the gaps below using numbers.

The world's biggest skyscraper, New York's ___________-foot high Empire State Building and a Mitchell Bomber flying blind in a fog haze: key factors in one of the strangest tragedies of the air. With visibility down almost to _________, travelling at _______________ miles an hour, the bomber crashed with terrific impact into the ______th and ______th floors of the building, smashing through ___________ walls. 13 people at work in offices were killed instantly. ______________ were injured. A lift crashed down _________ floors, killing the occupants. And one man's body was found on a ledge seven storeys down. Two days later the ______________ -storey building reopened. But the hole ripped in the Empire State remains a warning of the perils of low-flying among skyscrapers.

Task 3: Discuss.

Can you think of any other famous accidents or disasters in history? Tell your classmates or your teacher about it.

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Task 1: a. because there was a lot of fog so it was difficult for the pilot to see; b. thirteen; c. two days

Task 2: 1248 (twelve hundred and forty eight); zero; 200 (two hundred); 78th and 79th (seventy eighth and seventy ninth); 7; 26; 80; 102 (hundred and two)

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