Presentation Tools

Adobe Voice (app)

This easy to use mobile app lets you tell your story by communicating visually and with easy to create narrative and music. Free


Use this web-based tool to create designs for Web or print: blog graphics, presentations, banners, flyers, posters, invitations, etc. Free

Haiku Deck

Create visually appealing, simple and elegant presentations using this easy to use application on the web, iPad or iPhone.Pro: $9.99/month, Premium: $29.99/month, Bulk: $499/year


Online presentation tool that goes beyond static slides to include motion, zoom and spatial relationships to engage your audience. Enjoy, Pro, Pro Plus


Create and share stories and content sequences using web resources.Free




Create interactive images including virtual reality interactive field trips. Basic, Professional

Different style of Power Point. More interactive and provides templates relating to different topics. You can create a presentation from scratch or revamp an old Power Point. Pricing

Create presentations, posters, and infographics. Share information creatively. Pricing


Video & Audio


Make Youtube videos more interactive and engaging. EDpuzzle allows users to embed questions in videos and track student understanding. Free


Create and share screen recordings for how-to’s, narrated PowerPoints, and more with this free tool Basic, Pro

Tellagami (App)*

Tellagami® is a mobile app that lets you create and share a quick animated Gami video. Great for creating personal introductions. Free

Video notes

Allows viewers to take synchronized notes of videos and store and manage them on Google Drive. Free


Animation/Digital Storytelling


An easy online video maker for teachers. Pricing

GoAnimate for Schools

Make animated videos. Teacher plans available. Pricing


Create animated videos and presentations using template-based or custom designs. Look for the 4Edu account option. Pricing


Create your own storybook using provided illustrations. Pricing


Create a storyboard with simple text and graphics. Pricing


Need your ideas animated? A whiteboard animation tool for explaining ideas. Pricing




A free social bookmarking, research, and knowledge sharing tool. Great for discovering and sharing information and resources. Pricing 


Put all your files in a virtual binder, including files you found on the Internet. Great for ePortfolios and collecting of research topics and information. Pricing 


Share information, ideas, and resources. For ideas on how to use Pinterest in the classroom, check out this Teacher’s Guide to Pinterest. Free

Scoop It

Curate content that you found on the web. Add your own perspective and publish it to your own topics page. Pricing 


Cardboard (App) - Virtual Reality

Take a virtual trip to Rome. Google created a VR app that allows users to experience virtual reality with their phones, whether they are iPhone or Android. The app is free and the viewer can be bought or made out of cardboard. Great for taking virtual tours of locations found on Google maps anywhere in the world.

Google Lit Trips*

Lit Trips are downloadable files that mark the journeys of characters from famous literature on the surface of Google Earth. Along the way, placemarks with pop-up windows contain "just in time" resources including relevant media, thought-provoking discussion starters, and links to supplementary information about "real world" references in that portion of the story. The focus is on creating engaging and relevant literary experiences for students.

Google Street View (App)

Google street view provides you with a 365-degree picture of any street. Just type in an address and the program will show you the view of the area.





Create interactive timelines on a map. Place spots on a map and add a description of what occurred there. Application uses Google Maps. Free


Interactive tool that allows users to create a timeline vertically down a page. Pictures, texts, and quizzes can be included in the timeline. Pricing 



Check out this timeline of the Japanese Internment made with this easy to use tool.  It uses a spreadsheet template that posts using Google Sheets. Presents itself almost like a powerpoint, but shows the timeline at the bottom and the information for that time above it. Free



Polling & Quizzing


Looking for an icebreaker? Use Kahoot as a fun interactive way to integrate quizzes, discussions or surveys in a class setting. Students can use their mobile devices and get immediate results. Free

Poll Everywhere

Great for polling an entire class. Students answer questions from their cell phones. Pricing 


Engage students and deliver questions directly to their movable devices. Results can be downloaded in excel or chart and compare results for entire class. Pricing 


 Create studying tools and quiz yourself in preparation for a test. Pricing


Graphic Organizers/Concept Mapping


Coggle is an online tool for creating and sharing mindmaps. It works online in your browser: there's nothing to download or install. Pricing 


Gives users the ability to map their brainstorming ideas from start to finish. Easily show hierarchy of ideas by branching off from main ideas to sub ideas. Pricing 



With Mindomo users can create, view and share mind maps in their browser. Useful for generating, visualizing, structuring, and classifying ideas; a study aid for organization, problem solving, decision making, and writing. Pricing

                   Course Arc

Authoring tool that allows to build interactive and accessible online courses. Pricing



A curated collection of free and open online teaching, learning, and faculty development services contributed and used by an international education community.

A search engine for educational resources. Similar to Google Scholar, but includes other material besides journals.

OpenStax CNX

Tools of Engagement Project

View and share free educational material in small modules from a variety of subjects. Material can be organized as courses, books, reports or other academic assignments.

On-Demand discovery learning professional development model. Explore and reflect on the use of emerging technology tools to expand tech-infused pedagogy.


focused on “Discovery Activities” – broken down by purpose/type of learning



Free graphics, illustrations, and videos


Free graphics

CDL Graphics

Free photos

Resource for icons and banner examples. Resource from the University of Central Florida. FREE



Creative Market


Free fonts can be used and downloaded for easy use. Also has mockups, graphics, and templates.

Downloadable fonts. Pricing

Downloadable fonts, but pricing depends on which font you want. Pricing



The Noun Project 

Choose from numerous templates to communicate information visually. Great for summarizing readings, sharing main ideas. Pricing 

Resource for downloadable icons. Can download the icons as images. There are two ways to purchase the icon when downloading. You can purchase royalty free and this allows you to use the icon in any project. You can also download Free & Give credit, which requires you to give credit to the designer of the icon. Royalty free Icons cost $1.99. Pricing