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When students are preparing to do a project of any kind, seeing examples of other students' work can be good for gathering ideas on how to approach their assignment. Have students watch a set of videos, identifying in each the following:

Strengths: What makes the video interesting and/or effective?

Weaknesses: What distracts the viewer from following the message?

Different Approaches: Different than weaknesses, the idea here is to think of a totally different way the video could have been constructed. Would a video of students explaining things to a camera have been better as a set of narrated images? Could the explanation have been told from a completely different perspective?

Consider the sets below of video work done by students. Each has its strengths and weaknesses, and each could be put together completely differently.

After the sets, you can also find much larger sets of educational videos by students and/or teachers. Giving students the freedom to choose which they will watch can add a nice component to the assignment to evaluate what others have done.

  • Set 1
  • Set 2
  • Set 3
  • Set 4
  • Set 5
  • Set 6
  • Set 7
  • Set 8

Larger sets of educational videos:

  • Career Exploration - These videos were made to help younger teens explore the range of careers. The quality varies, but each gets good thoughts across about the nature of specific jobs. If you are interested in a project having students create more videos like these, contact us at
  • Service via Video - These videos are submissions to Next Vista's Service via Video contest, which asks students to tell about the work of those trying to improve the lives of others. Find out more at the project page.
  • Contest Honorable Mentions - Our 90-second contests have a certain number of finalists, but also generate quite a few honorable mentions. The quality can vary, helping students get ideas for both what to and not to do!
  • English Language Project - These are very short videos (20-40 seconds) designed to help those learning English. Given the purpose is different from videos highlighting learning anything one might encounter in school, these can be good for thinking about making sets of videos as a class project. Learn more about the EL Project at the project page.

If you have questions about any of these video sets, you are welcome to contact us at for ideas on how to use them in your classes, including how to have students create material that can be considered for inclusion in the Next Vista online library.

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