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XSplit Gamecaster 2.7 (2.7.1512.1839) Release Notes

2.7.1512.1839 - Release notes:

Please refer to the FAQ for general questions on usage:

Supported operating systems

Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, Windows 10

For hardware and software requirements, see further details here:

Internet connection

Requires Internet connectivity with HTTP / HTTPS port 80/443 open and RTMP port 1935 open

For live streaming on lowest settings, a minimum upload speed of 500 kbps is required

Known limitations:

For a list of bugs being worked on see Known Issues section. For other general known limitations see list below.

Features and improvements

(2.6.1510.0741 -> 2.7.1512.1839)

- XGC-3373 - Add quality slider to Intel Realsense

- XGC-3339 - Use 48 Khz for audio encoding depending on default system sound device or selected microphone sampling rate

- XGC-3337 - Only allow offline login within 30 days of last online login

- XGC-3330-32 [Dailymotion] Option to “Record live stream" on server,  Field for setting game name, Option to trigger ad via hotkey

- XGC-3328 - Allow XSplit to run on Enduro dGPU in Windows 10

- XGC-3326 - Support for Tobii Eye tracker device (Current implementation only supports eye tracking cursor in the stream/recording and not in overlay)

- XGC-3310 - Option to allow audio on BRB Mode

- XGC-3307 - Prompt for Intel RealSense SDK runtime installation if not present

- XGC-3300 - Use HW acceleration for USB2 capture cards MPEG-TS streams

- XGC-3292 - Add delay time on additional toolbar options before closing

- XGC-3283 - Option to show status label while inside game (hide all overlay elements including status label when overlay is not interactive)

- XGC-3211 - Improve star (*) / new recordings indicator on thumbnail view

- XGC-3185 - Redesign of message boxes

- XGC-3184 - Create Growl for when launched in Compatibility mode

- XGC-3151 - Support for Intel Realsense cameras (ability to remove/replace background)

- XGC-3134 - Support for Yuan High-Tech Devices

- XGC-3105 - Show connecting status and disable chat while connecting to Hitbox chat

- XGC-3028 - Improve Start tab streaming statistics

- XGC-2992 - Move socials username fields to Settings tab

- XGC-2025 - Social login support using Facebook / Twitter account

- XGC-771 - Game snapshot save to file support

- CPPCORE-903 - Support for Hauppauge HDPVR 60 in Console Viewer

- XVE-225 - Show form on current position of VOD manager


(2.7.1512.1833 -> 2.7.1512.1839)

- XGC-3451 - Stray elements are displayed on the image overlay after toggling the visibility options

- XGC-3445 - Screenshot folder location on the Screenshots tab is empty

- XGC-3441 - Installer network check may cause installation to exit with fatal error

- XGC-3434 - Screenshot hotkey notification blinks repeatedly when taking a screenshot and file path exceeds max allowed

- XGC-3432 - File information is kept after deleting images

- XGC-3430 - Renamed images are removed from the screenshot gallery after reopening the overlay

- XGC-3427 - Unable to share screenshot to Twitter

(2.6.1510.0741 -> 2.7.1512.1833)

- XGC-3388/CPPCORE-861 - Fixed QuickSync encoder restarts on Windows 8 and above by using alternative encode pipeline (Windows 7 still remains an issue on some Intel chips)  

- XGC-3419 - Authentication process stuck on 'loading' when authenticating a Facebook account that does not have proper permissions set

- XGC-3417 - Mapped drives are not read immediately (requires application restart/relogin), and shows an "exception" the Recordings/Screenshot tab

- XGC-3408 - Extra space at the bottom of the feedback form

- XGC-3406 - Possible d3d9 DLL crash after re-login

- XGC-3390 - Incorrect default position of the notification widget

- XGC-3387 - Unable to drag the login page on specific areas

- XGC-3382 - Overlay can be highlighted

- XGC-3380 - Growl for unavailable codec may appear on an incorrect position

- XGC-3379 - Notification widget automatically repositions when the overlay is activated

- XGC-3372 - Subfolder becomes default recordings location after rename

- XGC-3369 - Viewer and close button on the Chat widget are misaligned

- XGC-3367 - VOD manager does not update after deleting a folder via Windows Explorer

- XGC-3365 - Exception occurs when opening folder location after renaming current folder opened on the VOD manager

- XGC-3364 - Unable to open folders that contain reserved words on the folder name

- XGC-3363 - Notification widget position is not retained when game is reopened

- XGC-3358 - Streaming stops (instead of restarts) after encoding failure when save to hard disk or delay is active

- XGC-3353 - Recordings list view labels while on thumbnail view may be misrepresented

- XGC-3348 - Unable to drag the camera preview on the overlay if a growl is displayed behind it

- XGC-3347 - Exception may occur on logout due to overlay cleanup

- XGC-3346 - Embedded login window on the overlay may be broken when displayed

- XGC-3343 - Full Name field on registration form accepts less than 6 characters

- XGC-3342 - Previous (message box) dialog may alter the option selected on current dialog active

- XGC-3338 - Streaming statistics info may be retained on the start tab after stopping the stream

- XGC-3336 - Extra line on the growl tail when displayed on the top-side of the overlay

- XGC-3329 - Overlay loading screen may not be displayed

- XGC-3327 - Extra space between the BRB mode and general status label when displayed at the bottom of the overlay

- XGC-3309 - Quality value on Start Tab streaming stats overlaps with stats table

- XGC-3308 - BRB status bar is displayed behind the overlay controls when set to top-middle of the overlay

- XGC-3303 - Notification widget and border position can be mismatched

- XGC-3291 - Authentication window overlay for streaming services is shorter on the right side

- XGC-3288 - Watermark and BRB Mode indicators on Status Label are not properly aligned when set to top-right and bottom-right

- XGC-3286 - Split files checkbox becomes unchecked upon re-login

- XGC-3257 - Exception occurs on startup when DirectShowSpy.dll is registered

- XGC-3047 - Image Overlay may not be selected if it hides behind the main toolbar when resized smaller

- CPPCORE-944 - VHMultiWriterExt2.exe can crash during long NVENC recordings

- CPPCORE-923 - UI may be distorted on multi-monitor setup for Windows 10

- CPPCORE-920 - Game on switchable graphics card may show up as black feed on stream (game is not visible or shows up as black)

- XVE-304 - Express Video Editor: Crash on editing certain QuickSync encoded files

- XVE-303 - Express Video Editor: Application crashes if a video is played after changing the system's default playback device for Windows 8 and above

- XVE-298 - Express Video Editor: Crash when exporting edited video

- XVE-297 - Express Video Editor: Unable to save project with proper file name after removing invalid character

- XVE-290 - Express Video Editor: Clicking the title bar makes the stage flicker

- XVE-288 - Express Video Editor: Unable to detect installed MFP for Windows 10 N; URL points to the System32 folder

- XVE-284 - Express Video Editor: Remaining video will have an incorrect duration

- XVE-261 - Express Video Editor: Play/pause button may not work after deleting a VOD

* Pending verification

Known Issues

Please reference Known Limitations section above for critical or major issues that are currently out of our hands and/or directly related to 3rd party hardware, software or drivers.


- XGC-XXXX - Quicksync encoding for long recordings/streams (4+ hours) can fail or restart on some Ivy bridge and Haswell systems (In version 2.7 , a working fix for Windows 8 and above has been applied, so this issue is now limited only to Windows 7)  


- XGC-3461 - Custom RTMP tooltips are misplaced on the overlay

- XGC-3453 - In-game screenshots gallery window is not modal

- XGC-3450 - Annotation freeze image is zoomed in if DPI > 100%

- XGC-3446 - Unable to deactivate annotation mode via hotkey

- XGC-3443 - In-game screenshots gallery may stay open after activating the overlay

- XGC-3440 - Unable to interact with the share status window after sharing and overlay is not active

- XGC-3438 - Screenshots from a different game are displayed on gallery

- XGC-3433 - In-game screenshots gallery fails to load thumbnails and preview if game window name includes a single quote (')

- XGC-3428 - Audio video desync on capture cards in windows 10 when audio device is physically disconnected

 - XGC-3421 - Eye Tracker is still enabled after removing device after application has started; cursor displayed on the middle of the recording/stream

- XGC-3418 - "Password" field for some channels is a bit off with 250 DPI

- XGC-3402 - Split recordings doesn't support correct timestamping

- XGC-3381 - Notification widget image and border may be mismatched on the overlay

- XGC-3349 - Unable to use Yuan PD5A0 (camera is not available) on Windows 10 (Issue already reported to Yuan)

- XGC-3224 - The default language of the application must be set depending on the language selected in the installer

- XGC-3079 - Unable to properly control overlay cursor behavior in game - SkyForge

- XGC-2942 - In-Game keys still work when overlay is active - Terraria

- XGC-2908 - Starting/Restarting of the Console Viewer with the Elgato 2.x driver can result in a freeze, and sometimes a crash

- XGC-2886 - NVENC encoder in Windows 8+ can show an error, and intermittently crashes when stream is started (if application memory usage is already high before starting to encode)

- XGC-2879 - Unable to open input method editor inside overlay

- XGC-2769 - Overlay (without capture) can make some games stutter on SLI

- XGC-2690 - Immediate dragging is ignored when form is not currently focused

- XGC-2635 - Main application freezes when Console Viewer become unresponsive

- XGC-2561 - Unable to control overlay when activated in game (MCEdit) because game doesn’t render/update its user interface

- XGC-2419 - Animated GIF in overlay is not in sync with what is visible in streaming/recording





- XGC-2662 - Highlighted text are still highlighted when window is inactive

If you are looking for the release notes of the previous version, please look here.  

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