Unit 1, 8th Grade Math

Real Numbers

Kudos Unit 1 Unit outline including TEKs, Essential Questions, Vocabulary, Skills, and Knowledge

Notes and Warm-Ups Some example notes and warm-ups for the unit

Exponent Operations Practice Practice worksheet involving multiplying, dividing, and exponents of exponents with real numbers and Variables

Exponents Puzzle Game Created with Tixati- this is  a puzzle students cut out and evaluate expressions involving exponents, then match up sides of the triangles that have the same Value

Quiz 1 A quiz on sets of real numbers, and converting and comparing decimals, fractions, and percents. Has a “regular” and “advanced” level

Quiz 2 A quiz on ordering several real numbers, more questions on sets of real numbers, and questions on scientific notation. Also has leveled versions

Real Number Venn Diagram Cards- An activity including cards with different sorts of real numbers, the names of the sets of real numbers, and a Venn Diagram for students to cut and paste the cards into the correct part of the Venn Diagramq

Real Number Hexagon- A coloring activity where students color in circles filled with different kinds of real numbers according to which set of real numbers best defines it.

Real Number Nesting Envelopes- An activity wherein students fold different size envelopes and then label them with the different sets of real numbers. Student will then take cards and place the cards in the correct envelope. An envelope that is a subset of another envelope will be nested within that envelope

Real Number Cards- these can be used for the nesting box activity, or for ordering and comparing activities. Include numbers that are integers

Unit 1 Review Similar format to the final exam

Unit 1 Exam- Advanced

Unit 1 Review- Regular

Unit 1 Re-Take Exam