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Issue 5  · Spring 2017


Lingva News

by Saša Milačak

I have been attending English courses at Lingva for 6 years. Now I am attending the C1.a Business English. All classes are very stimulating since the units and topics that we are studying are diverse. It is more or less because our teacher Mira prepares and presents them to us in a different and very interesting way. Also, the point is that we are all actively involved in every activity on any topic.

I have to mention that I am very privileged since I am the only man in my group, with four girls - three classmates and teacher Mira.

My classmates are Jelena, who works in the Finance department, and who is very dedicated to this course - the same as Ivana, who works in the Logistic department. The 3rd girl is Nataša, who also works in the Logistic department. The two of us are a bit less dedicated than Jelena and Ivana but not less enthusiastic. All four of us work at Gorenje.

27 years of Lingva

Lingva Centre for Foreign Languages Vlade Danilovića 40, 14000 Valjevo Serbia


Our C1.a Business English group with teacher Mira

Life saved with knowledge and experience

By Jelena Nikolić

Nurse Nataša Cvetković from General Hospital in Valjevo, saved the life of a fellow citizen, with a timely application of resuscitation on the local bus on the second day of Christmas.

According to the PR department of the General Hospital, this situation happened

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Lingva Centre for Foreign Languages

On the Right Course with Lingva !

  • First private language school in Valjevo, founded in 1990
  • Pioneer in integrating internet in English language teaching
  • Accredited member of YALS Association of Language schools in Serbia
  • YALS is an associate member of Eaquals, an international organisation for Evaluation and Accreditation of Quality Language Services
  • British Council Authorised Exam Centre Partner


The bridge on the Drina, Višegrad, Serbia

Belgrade to Host Euroleague Basketball Final Four in 2018

by Aleksandar Milačak

BELGRADE – Belgrade and the Kombank Arena will host the Euroleague Basketball Final Four in 2018. This was confirmed to Tanjug by City of Belgrade Secretary for Sport and Youth Slavko Gak. Belgrade Mayor Sinisa Mali and Euroleague Basketball CEO Jordi Bertomeu  signed a contract in Belgrade last November.

Mr Jordi Bertomeu, Euroleague Basketball President and CEO, said at the press conference:

"It's our pleasure to announce that the 2018 Turkish Airlines EuroLeague Final Four of 2018 will take place in Kombank Arena, here in Belgrade. I want to say that we have been under nice pressure for a long time now. Back to 2002, that was the first time, it was Vlado Stankovic, who mentioned Belgrade as the destination. The last time it was Milos Teodosic a few weeks ago. Since then, many people came to us and insisted on bringing the Final Four to Belgrade because you have so many ambassadors of basketball in Europe and over the world.”

This season’s Final Four tournament will be held in Istanbul.

Serbia’s representative Red Star had had a good chance to reach the Top 8 a few rounds before the final match, being the 8th after 29 rounds. Unfortunately in the final round match against Darussafaka in Istanbul on April 7, it was defeated, so Darussafaka was the last team to qualify into Top 8 teams. Nevertheless, this season has already been very successful for the Serbian representative.

Life saved with knowledge and experience

in front of the nurse's home, when the bus driver asked for water for a passenger, who had got sick, and Natasa Cvetković reacted instantly.

She started with cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and she made chest compressions with artificial respiration until ambulance team came to transport the patient to hospital. The patient had acute myocardial infarction, and after stabilization, the doctors made intervention and implanted him with a stent. The nurse Nataša happened to be in the team on duty that day, so she also assisted in the surgery.

Nataša Cvetković has worked in Valjevo General Hospital since 2003, where she started as a nurse in the General Surgery, but after a while she moved to the Operating Suite, where she began training for work in the Catheterisation (Cath) Room...

Nataša explained that the knowledge she has as a medical worker, helps her to react properly in these situations. The biggest prize for her is that the man had survived

The Cath Room has operated for six years in Valjevo, and it is only one on the  secondary care level with 24 hour-readiness, 365 days a year. In the past year they have had 1453 interventions, 317  of which myocardial infarctions, 311 in a peripheral arteries, and 70 refer to pacemaker implantations.

podvig nataše cvetkovic images_cms-image-000016043.jpg

 Photo by Kolubarske RS

oscar 17.jpg

Photo by Tanjug

Film "Moonlight" directed by Barry Jenkins won  last week Oscar for best film.

Confusion at the Oscars

by Jelena Nikolić

The ceremony of the declaration of the Oscar winner for best film was marked by an unusual situation because the presenter, actor Warren Beatty, received the wrong envelope and read that "La La Land" won an Oscar.

Producers of La La Land, Jordan Horowitz and Mark Plet gave their speeches thanking for the award and while Plet was speaking, commotion and whispering could be seen on the stage. When the third producer Fred Berger began speaking, he looked behind him and said: "By the way, we lost." Horowitz then re-took the microphone and said that there was a mistake. "Moonlight has won for best film. This is not a joke," said Horowitz and urged the protagonists of the film to come to the scene and take the prize.

Warren Beatty returned to the stage, with colleague Faye Dunaway and declared the winner in that category and explained the error that occurred. When he opened the envelope, which was supposed to reveal the name of the winner, he got, as he said, confused because the card read "Emma Stone, La La Land," who won an Oscar in the category of best actress in a leading role. Before he read the name of the winner, he again looked at the envelope to check if there were some other cards, then looked puzzled at Faye Dunaway and showed her the card.

She looked at the card, and said "La La Land", probably assuming that the name of the actress was mistakenly written, but that was exactly the name of the film.

It was not clear how they had been given the wrong envelope.

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