Business Studies

Obtaining Information and Research Skills

Your Business Studies coursework will require you to obtain information and then apply your knowledge to this. As a result you must make sure that you reference any information you collect from elsewhere, otherwise the exam board could deem that you are cheating.

To practice this you are going to complete the activity below, in which you will be obtaining information about the current business environment and will use the knowledge you have collected to answer some quiz questions at the end of the task.

You should ensure you reference everything that you find, look at the example for how to do this.


How many employees does JCB have?

JCB has around 11,000 employees.


Research Topics

What is the current unemployment rate in the UK?

What is the current rate of inflation in the UK?

How much is £1 worth in US $ at the present time?

What is the current Bank of England base rate of interest at the moment?

List some of the different taxes that the Government in the UK uses?

What is the current unemployment rate in the UK?

List 5 different organisations that are based in your local town centre?

Pick one of the organisations above and try to explain why they may have decided to locate in your local town centre?

Try and give 2 or 3 different reasons and remember to explain “why” for each point.

Which of the sources you have used above do you think are the most reliable? Try and explain a reason why you believe this to be the case.