DeWayne Harrell is a LEADER

The statements below were written by individuals I have known throughout my career as an educator.

Scott Habeeb
(SHS principal)


“More importantly than being skilled administratively, though, is the fact that DeWayne Harrell is capable of being an educational leader.”

Robert Lockhart
(RU Supervisor)

“DeWayne’s ability for management stems from his natural ability to control what is happening around him; he creates an effective learning environment by balancing a personable attitude with a firm, fair, and consistent discipline policy.”

OFC Wiley
(School Resource Officer)

“As the school resource officers at South Salem School, I have had the pleasure of working with DeWayne for the past two years. He is a driven and organized individual who develops relationships with his students.”

Nelson Simpkins
(Director of Secondary Education MCPS)


“Our students appreciated Mr. Harrell’s classroom environment and viewed him as a very positive role model. In all areas of his work he always fulfilled responsibilities in a dependable manner and demonstrated significant potential for future leadership roles.”