Aletheia Bible Fellowship is a Bible believing church. We believe that the Bible in it’s original language is to be taken hermeneutically in the context it was written as honest and true. We adhere to the tenants therein as absolutely authoritative, immutable and complete in their application to the worldview of our fellowship. We believe in the Bible in the original language as informative of all aspects of life.

We do not knowingly involve ourselves with ideas, goals, actions or persons that violate, seek to circumvent, diminish or exclude these tenants as a matter of partnership. The tenets of scripture are interpreted by the Eldership of Aletheia Bible Fellowship in light of the accountability of the church universal in its most inclusive sense, from the largest whole to its smallest member. It is interpreted against the weight of previous interpretations, including the wealth of orthodox theology as well as the canon of scripture affirmed in the council of Nicea. It is measured against the Old Testament canon endorsed by the voice of Jesus Christ in his ownership of the Septuagint. It is weighed against the evidence of God witnessed in the breadth of his creation including the heart of men, the psychology of men, and nature itself. It is measured against established historical data.

Wherein these weights do not create a substantial ruling as to the ideas, goals, actions or persons which these weights seek to inform, the Eldership of Aletheia Bible Fellowship determines these factors with the weight of their own experience in transparent and accountable congress as extra-biblical principles useful for specific hermeneutical truths not necessarily connected to the general overarching narrative of God’s plan for humanity found within scripture.

The Eldership of Aletheia Bible Fellowship in matters of social principles endorses with prejudice:

-the familial relationship found in an xx and xy partnership, defined in monogamy of heart, mind and soul before God and man and following his hierarchy of submission, demonstrated by the polity of the trinity..

-the state of Israel as the chosen people of God to convey his narrative for mankind.

-the sanctity of mankind as made in God’s image, created for a purpose and intrinsically connected to God.

-the sovereignty of God in all matters and the holiness of his people in matters of partnerships

The Eldership of Aletheia Bible Fellowship in matters of social principles will not endorse:

-glorification of ideals which violate as a matter of principle, those things which seek to usurp the biblical tenants on a spiritual, mental, physical, or psychological level.

        -this may include things which outside of the biblical context and extra biblical context include things that::

-glorify spirituality, demons, angels or the metaphysical

-diminish the station of human beings on a physical, mental or psychological level

-glorify inappropriate relationships between God’s creation on a physical, mental or psychological level

-promote a contrary doctrine as a matter of intent, indifference or ignorance