New York city is a world icon. Superb architecture, the world´s greatest theatre district, some of the most renowned galleries and museums anywhere, eclectic neighborhoods, cultural events. New York city has it all and it would take a lifetime to experience everything New York offers.

1. Why is New York city called “the great apple”

2. What is the origin of its name ?      

3. Who was the president when New York was declared the first capital of the nation?

4. What was the population of New York in 2014?

5. How many people speak a language other than English?

6. New York is divided in five different boroughs. What are their names?

7. Why France gave the Statue of Liberty to the U.S.?

8. What´s the name of the island where it was located?

9. Do you need a visa to go to New York as a tourist?

10. How many runners were there in the New York marathon in 2014?

THE BIG TASK: Plan your visit to New York. Imagine you have only three days to make a tour. Decide which place you´d like to visit and write some lines about each of them.