GRADE 5 AT GMS: 2018-2019

The new school year is off to a good start.  We are enjoying getting to know our new students and look forward to getting to know their families. Please review this information with your child, sign and return the last page.  Be sure to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Students in all grades at GMS are working to be Responsible, Respectful, Resourceful and Confident learners.  We are also focused on developing positive work habits, attitudes and motivation.

In grade 5, students are expected to have their agenda book, 2 sharpened pencils, and a chapter book to read for pleasure in every class daily.  Homework assignments should be written in the agenda book as soon as they are given by the teacher.   Once completed, homework should be placed in the student’s homework folder.  Homework assignments can be found at the GMS website:  We ask that parents check for homework completion and initial the agenda book at least once a week.

Projects, activities and assessments will be assigned in every subject throughout the year.  Checking the agenda book daily will help your child be successful.

With all classes homework is due on the due date. This will develop academic skills as well as responsibility.

Math – Mrs. Bettoney

Homework is assigned every day your child has math (four times/week)  and is due the next day unless otherwise noted.  Homework completion helps students to develop a deeper understanding of concepts through conversations as we correct it together on the day that it is due. Your child will gain a better understanding of WHY his/her answers are correct or incorrect through this process.

Gilford Middle School uses Eureka Math, the same math program used at GES.

Reflex, an online math program, is part of the fifth grade math program. Reflex will help your child practice all of his/her math facts for all 4 operations. Knowing math facts upon sight  will enable your child to focus on the concept process rather than having to stop and figure out a math fact. If your child does not know his/her facts upon sight, practicing daily would be extremely beneficial. *

Additionally your child will be working in school and at home on an online program called Khan Academy which will allow your child to learn at his/her own pace.   Please ask your child to show you this program, so you become familiar with it. Any extra time your child can devote to this program will only benefit him/her.*

*For those without Internet services: the GMS library is open at 7:00 am daily and after school until 4:00, M-TH, and until 3:00 on Fridays.

Reading - Mrs. Bettoney, Mr. Donovan, Ms. Goyette,  Mrs. Watterson, Mrs. Barbour, Mr. Parker

Students are expected to read 20 minutes each day at home and record their efforts and/or responses on their reading logs. Due dates will be given to students. Weekly reading logs, W.O.W. (Word of the Week) assignments and/or projects may be assigned also.

This year your child will not be given a letter grade on his/her report card for reading. A separate report will go home with your child showing various test scores/levels and evaluations on classwork. The latter will be evaluated using Performance Levels. On the the reading report card and individual class work assignments and  you will see the following Performance Levels or their abbreviations:

Social Studies – Mrs. Watterson

Projects and homework will be assigned throughout the year and will be written in your child’s agenda. Each unit will end with an assessment. A study guide or notes will be provided; studying at home is recommended.

Students will learn the geography of the United States (states and capital cities) by using the online program, Sheppard Software,  Students will track their progress by recording game scores on a Geography Benchmark sheet which will be signed by a parent/teacher when the 100% is reached. A 100% level must be reached on the first game to move to the next one. When all of the designated games have been completed with a 100%, students will receive 10 points. Instruction will be given to students about how to use the benchmark sheet; students will be expected to complete the benchmark sheet independently for homework. The Geography Benchmark sheet is due at the end of the second trimester.

Language Arts – Ms. Goyette

The Writing Workshop model will be the focus of language arts this year.  This model involves instruction and modeled writing from the teacher and then students writing for 20-30 minutes daily.  Students will move through the writing process of prewriting activities, drafting, revising, editing, conferencing and drafting again.  Personal narrative, expository and persuasive writing will be requirements for final publication.  Students will also have choice in other writing drafts that they move to final publication.

Grammar and spelling assessments will also be a part of your child’s grade each trimester.  However, the true test of mastery in these areas is when the student embeds grammar and spelling rules into their writing.  The goal this year for my students is for them to acquire skills that improve their fluency, confidence, and desire to see themselves as writers.

Science – Mr. Donovan

Students will keep a science journal.  Usually, a couple times a week, a journal question will be assigned and worked on in class.  Science journals will be collected and reviewed about every 2 weeks.

Lab experiments or activities will be demonstrated in class for each topic of study.  Summary reports may be assigned and completed by a due date.

All assignments will be written in their agenda books with due dates. Work not completed in class should be finished at home.

Please remind your child of the fifth grade motto:



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