#146 - Into the Nexus: “Too Soon Junior”

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Developer Comments:  With today’s patch you will notice that a lot of our tooltips that used to reference the Resistant/Vulnerable system have been changed. Matthew Cooper detailed the changes on our forums last month explaining a bit about the new system.

While the tooltips may have changed, the actual functionality for the system has been in since the Varian patch hit during the week of November 14, so the game itself should not feel any different than what you are currently used to. You will also notice that we have added baseline Armor to three Heroes – Arthas, Anub’arak, and Greymane’s Worgen Form. These are the first of a handful that we are planning to release and would love to hear any feedback you have. We are hoping that the Armor System will open up future design flexibility, increase the depth of strategy (both in game, and in draft), and grant us another knob to help balance the game.


Currently up 3.1% - 51.5% total


Down 0.2% for 47% total


Win Rate Unchanged. 6th from the bottom.

More Armor coming: BlizzClaudio: We have plans to add it to the Character panel, especially once we roll more armor changes out to the wider hero pool. But for this patch we didn't have time to make the change, so we shipped it to start testing the waters and gathering data.



Haunted Mines


Level 1

Developer Comments:  The functionality of Covert Ops was overly complex for such a simple concept: Buff your Pinning Shot if you’ve been cloaked for a while. The talent was performing well, so this isn’t an attempt to make it worse or better, but rather make it more clear when you have the bonus and when you don’t. Tactical Espionage, however, was underperforming quite a bit, so we decided to roll some of its components into Advanced Cloaking, since the fantasy and flavor of both talents were so aligned anyways.


All Shall Burn and a few of his less powerful Talents are also being improved


Level 4

Level 7

Level 16



Level 1

Level 7

Level 13

Developer Comments:  With the reintroduction of Haunted Mines, we wanted to take a look at Sylvanas and her ability to disable structures. While we feel this is a very important aspect of who Sylvanas is, the Paralysis talent at level 1 pushed this gameplay a little too far. Beyond that, we introduced a new level 1 talent to fill this spot and made some tuning changes to some of her under-performing talents.

Important Bug Fixes

Alarak: Telekinesis will now correctly interrupt E.T.C.’s Mosh Pit.

Raynor: Fixed an issue causing Hyperion to gain benefits from several of Raynor’s Basic Attack Talents.

Data Mined:


Zul’jin First Thoughts

47.1% Win Rate HL. 55.8% winrate quick match

Highest Winrate - Cursed Hollow 53.8%

Above 50% - Dragon Shire and Braxis

Lowest Winrate - Battlefield of Eternity 37.5%




Berserker (D)

Basic Abilities

Grievous Throw (Q)

Twin Cleave (W)

Regeneration (E)

Heroic Abilities

Taz’dingo (R)

Guillotine (R)


Tournament Draft

Tournament Draft is a new draft mode added to Custom Games which allows players to swap their Hero Picks at-will at the end of a draft.

Please Note: This is our first implementation of Tournament Draft mode, and we plan to bring additional improvements and adjustments to it with future patches.

Jlarky asks: Why do you need this? I think it makes much more sense to just be able to swap places in the queue before we pick heroes.Why in the hell you want to swap and give your hero to someone who doesn't even own the hero?

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Map Picks

A quick and dirty guide to finding your first reason to take a hero.

Objective Type:

Alarak: Solo Lanes

Brightwing: Soak it out, join later globals

Chromie: Stand Still and Channel

Leoric: Hero Controlled Vehicles

Murky: Collect the Things Permanently

Rexxar: Don’t Drop the Things

Gul’dan: Hold the Point

Greymane: Kill the Thing

Closing Thought: Now that we’ve talked about all this. When do you pick for the map versus picking for your own strengths?



Hi there again guys!

I found Kyle's talking about his learning of Zeratul on Episode #145 interesting.  I recently invested a lot of time into Medivh, finally getting to level 10 with him - playing entirely in Quick Match, and averaged a 30~ win ratio with him, likely I think due to his unique playstyle and teammates not fully leveraging his Portals and Vision (again, Quickmatch).

Now, due to the 70% loss ratio, I dropped some 600 MMR (according to Hotslogs), and now that I am actually playing characters which fit better into comps, I am finding the matches quite a bit easier then I am used to.

I was wondering if Kyle has seen anything like that in his own play, while learning Zeratul (or other heroes), and if either of you had suggestions on things Blizzard could do about this?  I think Hero-specific MMR would be a good system to have.


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