Stewart Maxcy, best known for his work as a Flagler County Educator, has

been a professional artist for more than 50 years. During his educational

career, his talent as an artist was somewhat behind the scenes and unknown

to many, However, his refocus on his art, after retiring, has created a new

awareness. Stewart has done art for screen printing, murals, advertising,

book illustrations, and more for over 50 years. His ocean inspired sea life

paintings have been seen in galleries, private homes and businesses and sold

internationally. His choice of canvases has changed in the past few years as

he turned to using "retired surfboards" as canvas to create unique fine art.

Not only do his paintings make a statement indicating a love of he surf and

sea, but old surfboards never decompose in our landfills. By using them as

fine art, it makes a positive environmental statement.