Amazing Race Ideas

Goal of Activity


Give teachers a taste of being a “maker”

Build Balloon Cars CLICK HERE  for resources

Have teachers investigate the Common Sense Media Digital Citizenship Resources and Graphite Resources

Common Sense Media Scavenger Hunt - (yet to be created) and have teachers create their free accounts

Have teachers thoughtfully consider the tone they will set for the upcoming school year for their students, parents, colleagues, and school community

(I will be tweaking this to make a countdown for our principals and one for our teachers.  I’ll share the ones I create when they are done.)

Integrating GAFE (Google Apps for Education) as a learning tool

Google Form integrated lesson coming soon and log into the GAFE accounts if they have not done so

Have teachers consider what it means to struggle as a student, watch the video and create their own dot

The Dot by Peter Reynolds

So, here are some logistics we are considering…

We are planning on having pre-made slides for the teams to copy and then populate with their “work” from each station -

Corippo: Good idea! That’s an Iron Chef Activity - the instructions can be right in the slides!

We want to keep it simple we only have 3 hours total and probably 2 for the activities with 30 minutes of sharing at the end

We would like cross grade level groups so that teachers are with peers they would not normally be with

Corippo - Super idea

We want to model the focus for the district for the upcoming year

Perhaps as a review we have a Kahoot or Quiziz for the teachers to participate in?!

Corippo Yes - make the questions about how the learning felt.

MOST IMPORTANTLY - We want it to be meaningful to our teachers and not a waste of their time (it does not need to be immediately meaningful if you know what I mean…)

We want all of the teacher teams to experience the same “activities” so that it creates a common conversation that can be revisited throughout the year

Please provide any/all feedback and ideas - If we are totally off base then get us on course!

Corippo A Frayer model is a great template:

Corippo - Try Speed Geeking as a finale: Have the teachers break into little groups and rotate them around the room in 10 min cycles instead of using Keynotes about apps or ideas!

Corippo - lots of teambuilding ideas here: