Whainga ako: Construct your speech

    Any body can Dance...

Kia Ora ko Jorgarose taku ingoa no kaikohe west school te kura.

Ko Pouerua te maunga.

Ko Waitangi te awa.

Ko Te Tii te marae.

Ko Ngapuhi te iwi.

Ko ngati rahiri raua ko ngati awa te hapu.

Ko Mataatua te waka.

Ko Nicki raua ko Hoori oku matua.

My speech is about Dancing.

Dancing is an activity for pleasure or in order to entertain others.

Here is a fact did you know that Dancing is a sport and it keeps you fit.

In my Opinion everybody can dance because there is no such thing as nobody can not dance.

Only a fool would think that nobody can not dance because they are just jealous that they can't dance and they just want to judge people.


I believe you do not have to be a perfect dancer to dance because people have different  ways of dancing because all people don't dance the same.

I believe that no one is perfect at dancing and no one is the best at dancing.

In my opinion just because you are not in the royal family and you can dance there is another reason for that and it might be because your whanau might miss you and you might be their famous dancer so they want to keep you all to themselves.

Well not everyone can dance because they bother me a bit with trying to do the dab but i don't know why it is so hard because all you have to do is just put one of your arms across your face and the other arm out.

I feel dancing can be used as dancing on the street to earn money for your whanau if you don't have enough money for kai.

Dancing is an activity for anyone to do and if you really love dancing then tell one of your whanau members to take a video and post it on facebook and someone like a  famous dancer might come along it and boom you become famous in the royal family.

I believe that people are really shy to dance because people might judge you but i think don't listen to those people just dance how you want to.

It clearly shows that everybody should not be shy at dancing because it will get you know were if you do not show your talent.