Guidelines for calling staff to the Bishop’s Storehouse.

Bishop’s Storehouse help fall into one of four categories, Church-Service Missionary, Long Term Volunteer, Short Term Volunteer and Bishop’s Storehouse Support workers.

Bishop’s Storehouse Support workers volunteer to help on an assigned day by their stake.


Process of Calling a Church-Service Missionary

The official process for calling a Church-Service Missionary can be found on the Church’s website:Official Church Procedure for becoming a Church-Service Missionary

Form: Church-Service Missionary form

General Outline of the process for becoming a Church-Service Missionary

  1. The Prospective Missionary fills out the Recommendation for Church-Service Missionary with the Bishop.
  2. The Bishop interviews the individual for worthiness, signs the form and forwards the form to the Stake President.
  3. The Stake President interviews the prospective missionary and if approves, signs the form and sends it to: Northeast Area Church Service Missionary Coordinators (listed below or call the number on the form to obtain the most up to date contact information).
  4. The Stake President and Bishop receive the Church Service Missionary Call letter from CSM coordinators, usually via email.
  5. The Stake President extends the call to the missionary, presenting him or her with the call letter, and sends a copy of the letter to the bishop.
  6. The Stake President authorizes the bishop to set the Church-Service Missionary apart.

Becoming a Long Term Volunteer

Individuals desiring to be Long Term Volunteers discuss with the Storehouse Manager opportunities. If it is agreed that a service opportunity exists that is compatible with the individual’s schedule, the individual fills out the Long Term Volunteer for Church Service form and meets with their bishop to discuss. If this is agreed, the bishop signs the form and submits it to the Northeast Area Church Service Missionary Coordinators, Boston Group (see below). Volunteers are neither called nor set apart, however, if a member requests this activity, the bishop may call them as a Bishop’s Storehouse Worker, sustain them and set them apart.

Becoming a Short Term Volunteer

Members or non-members assigned by their local leaders to work at the storehouse with a non-weekly particular schedule are considered to be short-term volunteers. No forms need to be filled out for this position. Before issuing the assignment, local Church leaders should consult with the Manager of the Bishop’s Storehouse to coordinate scheduling. Volunteers are not called nor set apart.


We would like everyone to be recognized for their service. Both Church-Service Missionaries and Long Term Volunteers are recorded at the Church level. Church-Service Missionaries wear their name badges at all church meetings and at the storehouse.

Northeast Area Church Service Missionary Coordinators, Boston Group

The information below changes with each release and call of Church Service Missionaries. Call the number on the recommendation form to obtain up to date information 1-801-240-4914.

As of July 2014

Northeast Area Church Service Missionary Coordinators, Boston Group

Elder Rowland and Sister Linda Blake

73 Schofield Drive

Marlborough, Massachusetts 01752