VES stands for Video Entertainment Showcase. Matsuricon 2017 will feature a video room dedicated to showing VES programming. This contest will fall under the VES umbrella. The staff handling this contest will be referred to as the VES staff. AMV stands for Anime Music Video. For the sake of this contest, AMVs primarily (though not exclusively) consist of Japanese anime mixed with a music source. AMVs can also include video footage from a manga (Manga music Video or MMV) and from  a Japanese-based video game (Gaming Music Video or GMV).

Contest Information


Exhibition Information

The exhibition showing is for any submitted video that passes the initial screening test but is not voted into the contest, and for any video submissions that was specified to only be presented during this showing. This is so all submitted and approved AMVs get shown at Matsuricon. All alternative contest category submissions that do not make it in the proper contests will be shown in its own separate exhibition showing, pending the number of submissions and the time that is available.

18+ AMV

This year we will be accepting 18+ AMVs. These will be in its own separate contest shown at an hour which is appropriate. This contest will also have its own awards as well which will  be announced during the showing itself. For more information on the rules for this showing, please see the contest rules section.

Contest Rules


As of April 1st, 2017, all rules shown above will be feemed final and non-negotiable. If there are any rules that are deemed confusing and/or unreliable to a point which hinders the contest, please address them with the Matsuricon VES Co-Heads. The final say and any announcements on the matter will be at their discretion. All questions on rules, registration, etc., must be submitted to the following email address: All physical submissions must be mailed to the following address:

Matsuricon Music Video Contest

6499 Nottinghill Trail Drive

Canal Winchester, OH 43110