Trello is the main tool for managing our organization and to discuss events.

We will not be using use google hangouts for discussion of matters, since not everybody actively uses it.

We will use acm_discuss mailing list for general discussions that involve all of the group.

Anything else will be discussed and organized in Trello or in private messages.

Trello now have ACM Student Chapter as an Organization :


Under this Organization you will see several boards:

There will not be boards for every year. Instead, you should be using archiving mechanism to archive obsolete lists and cards at the end of the year and have a fresh start on the same board.

This archiving mechanism can also be used for other lists/cards that are not required to be on the front page of the board anymore.

If we decide to introduce a new function to ACM student chapter, we will be creating a new board for it.


We made you admins in the organization so you can add yourself to boards.

However, when you add yourself to a board we will demote you on that board unless you are responsible for the board.

This is to distinguish the real administrators of the board with other members.

Real Administrators will be responsible of managing that board.

Their duties will include:

Creating/Managing/Closing of Lists,

Creating/Managing/Closing of Cards

Adding/Removing People to Cards or the Board

Tracking the process of work!

For the rest of the members:

Boards will have board specific lists:


You should discuss board related general matters at General Discussion List.

If Board has suggestions list, you should post suggestions as cards or comment on others suggestions

Card Specific discussion should be done at the card, not on Mailing Lists or Google Hangout.

You can use private emails, however we urge you to use discuss on trello, so others can track the process of work while we are avoiding unnecessary emails.

Notifications and Apps:

Since, you will get notified only for the things that are related to you now, We suggest you to change notification settings for Trello to at least be `periodically` or we prefer you to change it to`instantly`. (This setting can be found in user profile)

Also, there are apps available for trello in iOS, Android, Windows Phone, which we urge you to install to keep constant track of ACM organizational activities.