Rivercrest Jr. High School Announcements


5/22/2017 We will be releasing students early at 1:30.

5/23/2017 We will be releasing students early at 1:30.

Attention 8th graders:  

         Ms Penn at the High School is looking to start a CyberPatriots Team for next year at the High School. If you were on the Jr. High Team this year, she wants you. If you weren't able to join this year but want to for next year, she wants you. She is open to everyone. There will be other High School grades represented on teams as well.  Please email Mrs. Penn if you are interested in joining.  lynette.penn@smccolts.com


We have always limited the drinking of anything other than clear water, in the classrooms. You may not have known, but this restriction applies to the halls, and other areas as well. You are more than welcome to brings drinks for your lunch. Those should be kept in your backpacks, and consumed at lunch with your lunch.  No Food is allowed in the classrooms. Sunflower seeds are banned.

If you have SLT at any point during the week, even though your Colt Flex may not show it, you are still to report to the library for SLT on Wednesday’s from 11:15-11:45.

If you are in M-ILT for a class and that teacher is absent, then you should go to ILT. However, if you are in SLT, and your M-ILT teacher is absent, you should still go to SLT; the teacher's absence makes no difference.

ILT Zones: We do not change places during ILT except between Mod.’s

  1. The Cafeteria will be the designated the Socialization Zone, during any ILT that is not during a lunch time. Follow the directions you are given by any adult in that area. Keep the noise down, and do not travel into the High School areas.

           The Lobby will be the Socialization Zone, during any ILT that is during a

           lunch time. If you have questions ask your advisory teacher.

     2.   The Classrooms are used for teachers to meet with students that need

           help. One on One, and small groups. Students are allowed to interact in these

           areas. They are not quiet zones, like the library. 

     3.   The Library is the designated quiet zone/SLT zone.  There are rules posted

           For SLT (No phones, No headphones, No talking). If students do not follow them,

           we will have to use ISS. If students do not show for SLT they will be sent to ISS.


On Wednesday’s all Jr. High (students and teachers) will have ILT/SLT from 11:15-11:45, and lunch from 11:45-12:15. On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday if you don't have SLT, M-ILT, G/T or class during first lunch (11:15-11:45) please eat then.

Do not hang out in the courtyard, on the sidewalk in front of the cafeteria, or the area between the gyms, at lunch. Enter the gym, during lunch time, from the back doors only. You cannot be in any area other than the cafeteria or the gym during your lunch time. You will be considered “Out of Area” and will be written up. You cannot leave lunch and go to ILT. Lunch is lunch, ILT is ILT.

Lunch issues:

  1. When is lunch served? Let’s start with lunch times: Monday through Wednesday lunch can either be eaten at 11:15-11:45, or 11:45-12:15. On Thursday and Friday there are actually three lunches 11:15-11:45, 11:45-12:15, or 12:15-12:45.
  2. How do I decide?   If you only have one gray box during lunch times, eat then. If you have multiple lunch times go to the first lunch (11:15-11:45) on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. If you have a class or M-ILT/SLT/class during any of the lunch times, you obviously cannot eat at those times. All Jr. High teachers and students are to eat lunch at 11:45-12:15 on Wednesdays.
  3. Where do I go at lunch? Lunch= Cafeteria or Gym through the back doors only.
  4. To help with this process let’s try these procedures. If you go to lunch first, you can only exit the gym, after lunch, through the lobby doors. Coach Fleming will not let you exit out the back. If you were in ILT in any area from 11:15-11:45, and are trying to go to lunch you will not be allowed to enter the gym from the lobby. You will need to exit through the building, and go around to the back door to enter the gym. If you eat during third lunch on Thursdays and Fridays, you will need to either be in the Cafeteria or the auditorium, due to classes in the gym.


7th Grade Class Officers

President: Alanah Hawkins

Vice President: Sydney Harris

Secretary: Marissa Crawford

Treasurer: Takura Chew

Reporter: Ameriye Ross

Class Representative: Christina Brooks

8th Grad Class Officers

President: Caroline Booker

Vice President: Paxton Pierce

Secretary: Hailee Reeves

Reporter: Caden Austin

Class Representative: Tatiunna Burks

Student Council Officers

President: Micah Driver

Vice President: Macy Henderson

Secretary: Chloe Parnerll

Treasurer: Victoria Joiner
Media Specialist: Talyn Souders


  • Students should read announcements on district webpage.
  • Check Jr. ColtFlex for any changes you may have. Bookmark your account.
  • Check email.
  • Check grades.
  • Check Google Classroom--your grade level page. Discuss what the role of a class officer would be.
  • Email teacher with questions or for appointments during ILT, if needed. Remember to use appropriate language, grammar, capitalization, and sentence structure when emailing professionally. Please remember that students should REQUEST to go to a teacher’s room for advisory. Some teachers have high school ILT responsibilities and may not be available for junior high students.
  • Tell advisory teacher what ILT plans are for the day.
  • Discuss with your Advisory group about any concerns or questions you have about our new schedule.  What do you like? Don’t like?
  • Turn in handbook forms to your Advisory teacher.

Reminder:  Replacement Chromebook chargers can be purchased for $10.  Please see Mrs. Graham to purchase one.