DHMN Organizational Meeting

July 23, 2012

Call to Order

Present: Paul K, Erin Q-L, Bob T-son, Mike P, Ross L, Drake Q-L, Jason K. Late arrivals:, Mark N.

Approve Minutes

Approve: Ross called

Treasures’ Report

Anticipated expenses for July:

Call for accept: Ross * Seconded: Erin * Carried.

Old Business

Preliminary space doc not yet ready. Erin suggested a due date before the next meeting: two weeks from today.

Pitchbook Purpose:

New Business

Should we reimburse Mike Putnam  $57.75 for the pinic park shelter rental?

Summer Picnic Review: Improvements for next year

DHMN 3D Printer

Printer Use Policy Ideas

Erin proposes Alex Hunt organize a committee to develop 3D printer policies and procedures.

Alex says two week for first draft.

Preliminary List of Do’s for Space

Space sightings

Barcamp Madison

Speaking Confusion at these meetings


Move to Adjourn: Erin