2 min.

The goal

Repeat that the main goal is You can write about your own historical hero.”

and that the sub-goal for these lessons will be to “I am able to find reliable articles about a subject”



 20 min.

Information searching

Teaching the students some tips and tricks for information searching and reliability of internet articles and facts.

First a quick tutorial of google search tools and advanced search (8-10 min)

Then hand out and go through appendix 3. together in class to help them find factual and reliable information. (10-12 min)



Appendix 4.


 20 min.

Finding own article.
(Formative evaluation)

The students have to find an informative article on the internet, about a person or topic and argue for it’s reliability. (13-15 min.)

In pairs the students shall present their findings and why they believe it’s a credible source (5-7 min.)

 Appendix 4.


 3 min.


we will give feedback and answer questions from the students, before giving them their break.



15 min





 9 min.

Intro to Martin Luther King Jr.

The students will watch a short introductory video made for kids about Martin Luther King. With English audio and Danish subtitles. (3 min)

Read the National Geographic Kids article about Martin Luther King Jr. (6 min.)

Appendix 5.


6 min

Working with the “I have a dream” (pre-task)

 The students will watch the video of the short extract of his speech in Washington 1963. (when he starts the I have a dream part) With English Audio and English Subtitles. (6 min.)

Appendix 6.


17 min.

Working with the “I have a dream” Text (during-task)

The teacher will hand out the “I have a dream” text in appendix 6.
The students will then each read out and then translate, a small part of the text. (with the help of the teachers when necessary)
(17 min.)

 Appendix 6.


 13 min.

Group work: Find an informative article about Martin Luther King Jr.

In groups of four the students must show that they are able to find a credible article about a given subject, in this case Martin Luther King Jr. (10 min.)

The teachers will give feedback and answer questions. (3 min.)



0 min.