Introduction to ENG 145 - CHAT and the Writing Research Journal

English 146, Section 006, Spring 2013

Instructor: Ryan Edel

Course Website:

During the first few weeks, we’ll be looking at what constitutes writing research, and then using this understanding as we prepare for Projects 1, 2, and 3.

This schedule is only a brief schedule for the early weeks of the semester - these readings are meant to give a good overview of the course and our objectives, and then we’ll use quizzes and the in-class discussion to delve deeper into these topics.

GWRJ is the abbreviation for Grassroots Writing Research Journal.  The readings are to be read by the date they appear on the syllabus.




Week 1


Syllabus, Introductions, CHAT


Writing Research

What are the components of research?  Does one article feel more complete?

GWRJ - Editors, Wilfinger, McDuffie


Multi-Media Research

Do images function differently than texts?  Are there differences in the approach to research?

GWRJ - Van Tress, Qabazard, Gradea

Sign-Up Dates for Project 1

Week 2


Martin Luther King Day

No School


Genres of Use

(wait..aren’t useful genres the boring ones??)

GWRJ - Safran, Koehler

Plan Dates for Project 2


Genres of Entertainment

Is entertainment educational?  Why do we need to study the genre conventions of so-called “creative” writing?

GWRJ - Lucas, Zwick

Due 5pm: 3pp Write-Up

What is Writing Research?

Week 3


Genres of Personal Expression

(then again...aren’t they all?)

Nave, Kniss, Phillips


Genres of...What, exactly?

(yes, that’s right...your instructor wrote an article about velociraptors, and then got it accepted into an academic journal about writing.)



Perform an Act of Personal Writing Research

For the assignment, examine your own approach to a genre of writing.  Select a work of writing from outside of class (e.g. an e-mail, a paper for another course, etc.) and then write about it.  The outside work does not count in the 5pp assignment.

Due 5pm: 5pp Write-Up

Discuss an Example of Your Approach to Writing Research.

Week 4

4, 6, 8 Feb

Projects 1 and 2 Begin

Week 5

11,13,15 Feb

Week 6

18, 20, 22 Feb

Week 7

25, 27 Feb, 1 Mar

Week 8

4, 6, 8 Mar

Choose Dates for Project 3

Week 9

11,13,15 Mar - Spring Break

Week 10

18, 20, 22 Mar

Week 11

25, 27, 29 Mar

Week 12

1, 3, 5 Apr

Week 13

8, 10, 12 Apr

Complete Project 2

Week 14

15, 17, 19 Apr

Week 15

22, 24, 26 Apr

Week 16

29 Apr, 1, 3 May - Last Week of Class

Complete Project 3

Week 17

Finals Week