#MBHunt List

Register your team. Take a picture of at least one person on your team at a location or with an item. Upload it to Instagram with #MBHunt and #yourteamname. Keep an eye on the CSUMB website, Facebook page and Twitterstream for special daily items worth bonus points.

See complete rules at CSUMB.EDU/mbhunt

All items are 1 point in value unless otherwise stated.

  1. With one of the tallest single-span concrete bridges in the world
  2. Inside the Otter Trolley
  3. Inside an MST bus
  4. With Monte Rey
  5. On the 3rd floor of the Science Center enjoying the view
  6. Go to the beach and spell CSUMB in the sand
  7. Running after the Trolley or just missing it
  8. Eating at the Otter Bay Restaurant or the Dining Commons
  9. Looking active in the Main Quad
  10. Take pictures of other people taking pictures
  11. At Lovers Point
  12. Find the remains of the mystical Piano Tree (2 points)
  13. We hear there is a tire swing near the World Theater, I wonder if you can find it (careful of poison oak)
  14. Where is the alcohol awareness wind chime forest?
  15. Pretend to be studying (or really study) on any of the TAFM Library’s three floors
  16. Kick back in the Student Center with some delicious Starbucks
  17. Play ping pong
  18. With a flag in East Campus
  19. Going down the slide in the park on Wilderness Court
  20. Meet an RA in East Campus (# their name for an additional point)
  21. Picking up a package from the Housing office
  22. Working out at the Aquatics Center
  23. Hiking on the Fort Ord Trails
  24. Near the grave of Comanche the horse in Fort Ord
  25. Say “cheese” with Ingrid at the DC
  26. Working in the Yorktown Garden
  27. Find a California Poppy on campus
  28. With a Community Director for Student Housing & Residential Life
  29. In the largest classroom on campus
  30. Of the men’s bathroom that has “Men” written in sharpie
  31. With any parking permit dispenser on campus
  32. At a CSUMB sports game
  33. You and a friend playing disc golf
  34. What you ate for lunch on Meatless Monday
  35. Of a raccoon (from a safe distance)
  36. Lay down on the pedestrian zone of campus like in The Notebook - be careful of the Trolley!
  37. In front of Tortuga Hall
  38. With a tortuga
  39. In front of Avocet Hall
  40. With a real avocet
  41. In front of Yarrow Hall
  42. With a yarrow bush
  43. In front of Manzanita Hall
  44. With a manzanita plant
  45. In front of Willet Hall
  46. With a real Willet
  47. In front of Asilomar Hall
  48. At asilomar beach
  49. In front of Cypress Hall
  50. With a cypress tree
  51. In front of Vineyard Suites
  52. Holding/eating a bunch of grapes
  53. In front of Strawberry Apartments
  54. Eating strawberries
  55. In front of Sanderling Hall
  56. Of a real Sanderling
  57. In front of Pinnacles Suites
  58. At Pinnacles National Park
  59. In front of the Bookstore
  60. In front of the Otter Sports Center
  61. In front of California’s oldest government building
  62. With the First Night Posters designed by Bobbi Long’s class
  63. You doing something kind
  64. With any Starbucks logo
  65. In front of the DC
  66. The Last Chance Mercantile has some great treasures, go hunting for one
  67. Cooking in a Residence Hall Kitchen
  68. Of a satellite dish on campus
  69. At REI
  70. A favorite Peet’s drink
  71. Of the sunset from anywhere on campus
  72. In front of the World Theater Box Office
  73. At the Aquatics Center with the red/orange fish
  74. With the University Police Commander (2 points)
  75. With an ASAP tutor in the ASAP offices
  76. Attending an Associated Students Senate Meeting
  77. With the latest copy of the Otter Realm
  78. At the San Carlos Mission
  79. With CSUMB logos all over campus (1 point each logo - 20 points maximum)
  80. In front of the Watershed Building
  81. Participating in or watching the Color Craze
  82. In front of any art mural on campus
  83. Attending the bonfire
  84. With alum DJ Millligan at Bayonet & Black Horse
  85. With the National Championship trophy Monday 1/28 Bonus Challenge
  86. At the Shoreline Food Garden
  87. Someone wearing a MB soccer scarf
  88. At Carmel Beach
  89. In the Cinematic Arts & Technology studio (don’t disturb a class in session).
  90. Someone holding a copy of a “Birdie In The Hole” CD
  91. Of an external WiFi antenna mounted outside of a building on the Quad
  92. Find the lone picnic bench on the center island (hint: it’s on the greenest court in Fredericks Park I)
  93. Any basketball court in East Campus
  94. There is an entry sign to a parking lot with 3 CSUMB seals on it - find it! (2 points)
  95. There’s a yellow plastic walkway to nowhere (it dead ends into a wall)
  96. No parking signs are all over campus, but this sign is located somewhere that you can’t park, no matter how much you want to! Your friends in the Strawberry Apartments will know, especially those in rooms ending in 11 or 13 (2 points)
  97. Artillery sign on 5th
  98. Of an IT van
  99. Attending the Talent Show @ the BBC
  100. Spell CSUMB with your Otter ID cards
  101. Spell CSUMB out using your friends!
  102. In front of a tree that at one point was on the Moon.
  103. Make the tallest frozen yogurt cone possible at the DC
  104. With a Sonoma State supporter (i.e., they should be wearing something with Sonoma State on it)
  105. Of a CSUMB bumper sticker on a car
  106. With the bust of General Ord
  107. At Stillwater cove with a scuba diver
  108. There are a few volleyball courts on campus, but this one has a net and is available year-round, weather permitting
  109. If you do item #11, go take a pic with the Swan Boat nearby
  110. Doing something on the 50 things to do before you graduate list
  111. With Daryl at Ord Market
  112. With the book by Professor Diana Garcia that won the National Book Award
  113. With Captain Mildew, the stuffed otter who has been a passenger on the Surfbot and submarine Antipodes (2 points)
  114. With an international exchange student or student who has studied abroad (must have student’s name in photo description)
  115. In front of the Shinkansen poster in the WLC language lab
  116. Handing an apple to a liberal studies professor
  117. Solving an equation with Hongde Hu’s Precalculus or Number Theory class
  118. Playing the piano in the Music Hall or Alumni and Visitors Center
  119. With the skeleton in the VPA building (but don’t touch!)
  120. At the Navigating the Future mural at Marina HS
  121. With an OLLI student (must have student’s name in photo description)
  122. Riding a bike on a bike boulevard
  123. At the National Steinbeck Center
  124. With a student-athlete in uniform
  125. With a student veteran (must have student’s name in photo description)
  126. With a marigold or sugar skull
  127. At the Soledad Street Community garden
  128. At one of the electric vehicle charging stations on campus
  129. With the head chef for Catering - hint: he has a ponytail
  130. Attending Social and Sorcery @ the BBC
  131. With a CSUMB moving truck (extra point if one of the movers is in the picture)
  132. On the basketball court with no backboard/hoop/pole installed in Schoonover Park
  133. With a shirt that reads “Nothing Hotter Than An Otter”
  134. If you want to bbq on main campus, head to North Quad. It’s the only place with a few grills to have a weenie roast
  135. If horses are your thing, then you know where the Marina Equestrian Center is. Get a pic, but don’t disturb the horses
  136. In one of the Tanimura & Antle Family Memorial Library’s elevators
  137. With the Director of Student Activities & Leadership Development
  138. Purchasing fruits or vegetables at the Everyone’s Harvest Farm Stand in the Main Quad
  139. We have lots of alumni who work on campus. Find one (must have the alum’s name in photo description)
  140. This building is better known as the Pomeroy Center and has a newly painted sign above the front doors
  141. At American Burger, taking advantage of the 10% student discount
  142. In front of Doc’s House/Lab from the novel Cannery Row
  143. With any vending machine on campus
  144. In front of a favorite restaurant around town (even if that means McDonald’s or Taco Bell)
  145. With something you cooked/microwaved in your Residence Hall room or apartment
  146. Under one of the “speed humps ahead” signs
  147. Anywhere at the Del Monte mall
  148. With the dolphin sculpture in front of Marina City Hall
  149. With Guido at Coffee Mia (don’t forget to buy something and ask for a CSUMB student discount.)
  150. With a CSUMB Otter temporary tattoo on your face