Coinbase is a bitcoin wallet that lets you buy/sell/send/receive bitcoins.

Buying bitcoin:

Step1: Signup, email gets verified

Step2: Add address. You can add any address here but while setting up payment you’ll anyway have to add the correct mailing address.  

Step3: Add a payment method, you can add a debit card, setup wire-transfer or paypal

Step4: They’ll charge (and refund) a token amount to see that you account is legit.

Step5: Once you verify the transactions your card will be added  

Step6: Mobile verification is compulsory to buy bitcoins

Step7: Buy Bitcoin, they charge a 4% fees!

Sending/Receiving Bitcoins:


Bitcoin address is required to send bitcoins to another person. It is a long string of characters and it is said that a new address should be generated for every transaction.

Additionally there is a wallet address. My wallet address is 


Anyone can have a bitcoin address, even if they don’t have a bank account. I made another test account. This time I just signed-up with a valid email address and did not do anything else like setting up payments etc. I still got a bitcoin address and a wallet address. Hence, I can receive bitcoins and pay for all the services that accept bitcoins without having any bank account.

Buying stuff with bitcoin:

Buying stuff on Expedia:

Choose Bitcoin as payment method

Pay with bitcoin

Payment page: