Hi TJ Parents and Alumni,

My name is Claudia Richoux, and I wrote the sexual assault/harassment powerpoint you’ve been seeing around Facebook. If you haven’t seen it, you should take a look: http://goo.gl/8njQLf. I heard there’s been a lot of talk and fear in these groups about what’s been going on at TJ, and I’d like to clarify a few things and offer to answer your questions.

First, what the powerpoint says with respect to what’s been going on is entirely factual. Anything else you’ve heard, unless it’s from a victim, a news source, or TJ SGA/administration, shouldn’t be taken as true or spread around. Everything I post is corroborated by victims’ accounts, and I get consent before I post anything about a victim (even anonymously).

I’ve heard rumors (EDIT: said rumors are now confirmed to be false) about the PTSA leading this investigation, having evidence, and talking to victims. I have asked every survivor that we (the victims) know of, and none of us have communicated with or given evidence to the PTSA. Furthermore, if they have more evidence than the small amount that has been publicly circulated (e.g., the screenshots of my harassment), it was likely obtained from a third party without the consent or knowledge of the victims. Regardless, please do not claim to speak for the victims or spread/use evidence that was obtained without the victim in question’s consent.

The administration is currently working with some of the victims, but it is true that the administration has a history of violating Title IX with them. For example, they had the culprit agree not to contact his victims. He did twice, and now they are claiming it’s “too bad”, we can’t punish him because there wasn’t a “threat”. Administration has told victims to “deal with it themselves”, and that they must change their classes and quit clubs to avoid the culprit rather than vice versa. They told the culprit one of his accusers’ names for a no-contact order, when she did not ask for a no-contact order out of fear that he would know she had accused him. Victims have reached out to me and reported that they were slut-shamed, gaslighted, and victim-blamed while reporting harassment.

Dr. Glazer’s post in the Principal’s Corner of the PTSA newsletter:

- fails to acknowledge TJ’s issues about frequency of sexual assault (“rare”?),

- encourages students to report directly to administration when administrators regularly do nothing about these problems,

- claims that counselors provide adequate support for students in these situations, when one counselor literally told a victim that “she didn’t have a good enough relationship with (him)” (obviously there are exceptions to this),

- and claims that TJ’s sex ed is enough to prevent incidents like this (obviously not, one victim didn’t realize there was a problem until she was assaulted twice).

They are not addressing this pursuant to their responsibilities as caretakers of children. This must change- hopefully soon.

Next, PLEASE stop speculating about who it was or what the details were. No victim has named the culprit on social media or advocated for vigilante justice, but other students and their parents have, and we don’t want to get blamed for others’ words.

Finally, if administration fails to satisfy the victims’ concerns by either their first meeting (which should be this week) or this Friday evening, I will be releasing some documents. They will include a powerpoint with suggested actions for parents who want to advocate for their children, and a guide for victims who want to make admin follow the law in dealing with their case. They’ll be posted in the class groups, publicly on my Facebook wall, on TJ Vents, in the TJ Alumni group, and in the 2019 parents’ group. Stay tuned to find out how you can help!

Thanks for your support and patience. We will solve this together.

Claudia Richoux, TJ ‘16

Open for questions at laudiacay@uchicago.edu