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Guided Research-Human Rights


Name the human rights issue.




Which nation and part of the world is this issue taking place?





What group had rights taken away?





What led to (caused) the denial of human rights?





Who is responsible for this denial of human rights?




Give examples of how the human rights were taken away.





What article(s) of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is being violated?






What historical events led to this violation of rights and how do you connect that event with current situation?






List the resources to where you found this information.







Are there any groups that are creating awareness of this human rights issue?  If so, how are they getting information out?  What are their solutions?








What are some solutions your group has come up with to bring awareness to the issue?







What is your group’s plan of action to make your community aware of this human rights issue?








List the type of media and graphic your group may want to use in their poster projects and multimedia presentation.