What are the available branches for a Btech student at IIT Ropar?

There are currently 5 branches that run B.Tech programme: Civil, Chemical Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical and Mechanical departments. There are a total of  10 departments with 5 of them running B.Tech programmes.

What are the features of New Curriculum at IIT Ropar?

The New Curriculum of Btech Programme is based on education theories/ curriculum theory which focuses on  hands-on-learning  technique, giving students an opportunity to link with the society and to address their problems by engineering principles, and also giving emphasis to creativity and innovation.

How many options are available for BTech course?

 There are four options available for the students: 1. BTech, 2. BTech with Minor, 3. BTech with Concentration, and 4. BTech with Honors.

What is the placement scenario of IIT Ropar in the preceding years?

Placements at IIT Ropar has seen a steady growth from the past three years. For details on the placement statistics, please click here

Where is IIT Ropar located?

IIT Ropar is located 45 kms from Chandigarh. For more details on how to reach the campus, click here

How is life inside the campus?
The new Campus of IIT Ropar is ready with State-of-the-art facilities to be provided to the students. Spread in 500 acres of land and with High-end green campus, the permanent campus will be operational in mid June for regular classes.

How is life within a small town like Ropar?

Ropar is a small town known for it’s rich culture and heritage. There are several eatouts, super markets, a big town market, places of tourist attraction, hiking and bicycle trails. Although it is self-standing when it comes to the basic facilities that one might expect from a typical indian town, if one wants to enjoy the comforts and facilities of a mega city, chandigarh is hardly an hour’s drive from the campus.

What is the climate like at Ropar?
Punjab witnesses primarily three seasons: Summer months span from April to July, with monsoon ranging between July to the end of September, Winters start from early December and go on till the end of February. Since the campus is sandwiched by water bodies such as canals and the Satluj river, the summers at Ropar particularly are better in comparison with other towns/cities in the neighborhood.

How is the library facility at IIT Ropar?
The library is equipped with textbooks and recommended reading material prescribed for each course offered at the institute, the library houses a growing collection of research monographs, reports, multi-volume reference works, dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks, and so on. The library facilitates access to a number of journals through its participation in consortia, such as INDEST, UGC-INFLIBNET. The library also subscribes to several e-journals directly from publishers as well as through reputed subscription agencies. Apart from books of academic interest, there are several titles of general interest genre such as biographies, popular science, fiction etc.

What kind of facilities does  IIT Ropar provide to the students ?
At IIT Ropar, we believe the learning environment plays a very important role in the whole education process. Students live on campus in very comfortable living facilities created with their needs in mind. The hostels, administrative block, library and lecture halls are fully furnished and equipped with wifi. Sports facilities at our campus provide excellent opportunity from the learning to the experts. Recreational facilities include a multi gym, Cricket ground, football, tennis and basketball. The campus comprises of the main academic block, canteen, library, hospital and student living facilities.

What types hostels does IIT Ropar provide?
The permanent campus has best Hostel facilities to be given to students. There are individual rooms with attached washrooms, having all modern accessories to give homely feeling to the entrants.


(A typical room in double occupancy boys’ hostel)

How are the computing and internet facilities at the institute?
The institute is equipped with a 24 hour general computer lab facility with all the standard softwares. The campus provides super fast internet facilities in hostels and academic area.

How good is the mess food?
Punjabi food is known all over the world and the state has a lot to offer the visiting tourists when it comes to satiating their taste buds. The student mess at IIT Ropar provides hygienic and toothsome punjabi food and many visiting students and interns seem to like it the most. The menu for the mess is decided by the student committee and is changes once in a few months.

Does IIT Ropar encourage students to take part in co-curricular and extracurricular activities?

There are several active clubs and student groups such as the astronomy club, dance club, music club, yoga club, debate club, math club, robotics club, programmer’s club, literary club, hiking club, biker’s club to name a few. The institute provides the required facilities and encourages students to participate in both co-curricular and extracurricular activities. Some of these are initiated by the faculty members of the institute. Now Sports  Social and Community  activities are part of core curriculum and

What is the vision and mission of the institute?
The institute, apart from establishing a robust teaching environment, is keen to facilitate and support cutting-edge research in variety of areas. This aspect, we believe, will enable the students to acquaint themselves with latest developments in their respective areas of study and peruse their own research interests. This would also result in a constant revision of courses that are being taught.

The institute encourages its faculty members to initiate research work and provides an initiation grant and also the basic facilities for its sustenance. It also encourages faculty members to establish collaborative research ventures with other research labs and industry. In this regard, the institute is keen to establish the Central Research Facility. The institute has already started its PhD Programme, so that the research environment is further augmented, expanded, and made even more vibrant.

Does IIT Ropar provide medical facilities to the students?
The institute has allocated a separate building, which adjoins the hostel complex, for its medical facility. A doctor and a nurse have been appointed to attend to medical emergencies of the campus residents. In addition the institute relies on a few super-specialty hospitals in and around Ropar for providing medical care to its members. The institute has a 24/7 ambulance facility.