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DataVR Day 2: January 24

2-2:30pm - Team Project Updates and Logistics

2:30-4:30pm - Rapid Project Design/Prototyping

4:30pm - Pizza Break!

4:45-6:00pm - Project Presentations and Feedback

Project Slides for: Before It's Too Late

Project Slides for: ScatterViz

Project Slides for: VR Data and Education

Project Slides for: Legal Analytics Data Challenge (TBA)

6:00-6:15pm - (Optional) Wrap up and Next Steps

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DataVR Tutorials:

Preview of Simmetri

Amedeo Mapelli and members of his team will be on hand during the DataVR Module to work with students who wish to use Simmetri to develop VR environments for their team projects. In some cases, student teams with little or no technical skills will be able to use new data visualizations tools being added to Simmetri to get a variety of simple projects started quickly. Amedeo has kindly offered to assist student teams to develop more complex design goals as part of this course, as time permits. Below is a preview of some of the new data ingestion, transformation, modeling, visualization and exploration features currently being added to Simmetri:

DataVR Links and Resources:


Monday, January 23: DataVR

* 2-3pm - Talks and Tutorials

Live broadcast:

Welcome & Overview:




Use Cases and Context:

3-3:30 Team and Project Formation:

Quick round of project idea pitches

Project Pitches:

3:30-5:30pm - Rapid Project Design/Prototyping

5:45-6:15pm - Wrap Up First Day and Next Steps