Rhino to Epilog : Laser Cutting

Created 5/12/15

The Epilog mini laser driver is Windows only. Choose one of the Windows computers in the shop.

 Make sure you understand the following:

A. You must be in top, right, or front but not perspective view when you print.

B. Any line that is labeled “Hairline” or is .001 or smaller will cut. All other lines will engrave.

C. Black lines will engrave the darkest.

D. Always test cut with cardstock or MDF(fiberboard)

 This example will cut one shape and engrave one shape:

  1. Start by moving anything you want to engrave to its own layer. If you want items to engrave at different thicknesses, put each item on a different layer. You can have as many layers as you like.

To move an object to a new layer: select it and right click the layer you want to move it to. From the contextual menu choose: Change Object Layer

2. The default line width for a layer is Hairline (meaning by default, everything will cut). To change the line thickness, look at the layers pallette. Scroll to the right in the layers pallet until you see the Print Width option.

3. Set the print width as you like. 

NOTE: You will not see the width change in the drawing but you will see the changes in the print window.

4. Set the layer color to black for greater engraving visibility. Colors and Gray will engrave more lightly.

To choose a layer color: Scroll left in the layers panel and double-click the rectangle next to the padlock.

5. Press CTRL, SHIFT, E to fit the image to the screen

6. Press: CTRL + P      or     Choose File > Print   

7. From Destination, Choose: Epilog Engraver

8. Press Properties

9. At the top of the window, click Advanced and choose your stock (material) then press Load

10. Click on General (as at the top) and enter your Piece Size (the piece you will put in laser cutter)

The setting is in inches.

11. Press OK

12. Scroll down in the print preview window to View and Output Scale:

Choose Window and Click Set

Draw a window around what you want to cut and press ENTER

(Make sure the box isn’t bigger than your material!)

Set the Scale to 1.0 Inch On Paper (or other unit) equal to 1.0 Inch in Model

13. Scroll down in the print preview window to Margins and Position

For position: Unclick Centered

Offset From: Upper Left

Offset X and Y so that your piece is near the upper left corner without being off the page.

Start with small increments and used negative numbers as needed: Example X = -0.5

To preview the placement, click in the any other input box.

14. Click the Print Button

15. Go to the laser cutter and find your file on the LCD. 

If you don’t name your file you’ll see something like “Untitled”.  

If needed, use the up and down arrows to scroll through files on the cutter.

16. Put your material in the upper left corner of the laser cutter, close the cover.

17. and press the green “GO” button.  

HD:Users:akleindolph:Desktop:Screen Shot 2013-10-05 at 4.36.48 PM.png



If you realize there is a mistake,

wait until after the machine is done focusing BEFORE you stop it.  

If you want to restart:

Once it is done focusing, push STOP followed by RESET 

19. When your file is done cutting, the cutting head will return to the upper left corner of the cutting table and the machine will beep.

Take your piece out and enjoy!!