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Template-based videos and translation in Nitro

for Home Bookkeeping

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Home Bookkeeping is a personal and home finance management application for computers

and smartphones. Home Bookkeeping keeps tracks of your monthly income, payments, loan

settlements, debts and other expenses. This application will help you manage your budget a lot

more efficiently.

The software was developed by our loyal customer who uses both the Alconost Video service:

and the Alconost Nitro live online translation service:  

According to our customer, they started to get an increasing number of leads from Europe after

 publishing the description of their product in English. To date, the videos have been viewed over

200,000 times on YouTube.

Pavel Kozlovsky, keepsoft

Alconost is a great company that always keeps fingers on the pulse of the industry. It’s great to see it growing and offering new services that help sell our products better.

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