If you are having trouble using a tablets, here are a few things you should look for:

  1. Remember to plug the tablets in and turn the switch on the side of the cart to “Reset”, the light should be on.

WIFI not working

  1. ”In the upper right corner, you should see WIFI icon. If you don’t, you need to submit a service desk ticket saying the tablet is not hitting the WIFI. Please include the tablet numbers and room location.

Tablet Buttons

  1. There are 3 buttons on the bottom: The center one (square) is the home button. When in doubt, push it! It will take you back to the home screen                                                         The button in the triangle should look familiar! It is the back button, or undo.
  2. The one in the red circle is to see what apps are currently running in the background. If too many apps are running you need to close them. Touch the  button to show the apps, then click Close all.          If many apps are open, an app may not work.                                                
  3. If an app is missing, first check all apps by clicking  in the bottom right corner. If it is still missing, email Robin and she will add it remotely.