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Garold (Gary) Stone



Prince George's County Police Chief's Community Leaders Council


Free Burma News and Events


Stop the Genocide in Darfur                                                               

  Wear a Save Dafur wristband


Co-lead Coalition for Laurel Area Safety and Prosperity (CLASP)

Community actions taken to shutdown violent bars in coordination with D6CAC and SLCAL:

12617 Laurel Bowie Rd, Laurel, MD (MAP)  

J's Sports Cafe 

Sweet Moon Grille 

13501 Baltimore Ave, Laurel, MD: (MAP)  [Full History]

Club Amazon  (former Dinosaurs, then was almost Starlight strip club)

Rio Sports Bar & Grille  ( - 2009)

Rio Restaurant  (2009- )

VP & Past President, National Capital Area Skeptics

Past Chairman, Prince George's County Police District 6 Citizens Advisory Council (D6CAC)

Representing Montpelier Hills Homeowners Association (MHHA)

Coordinator, South Laurel Community Association Leaders network (SLCAL)

Representing Montpelier Hills Homeowners Association (MHHA)

Coordinator, The Montpelier Elementary Slow School Zone Project


The Paper-Clip Project: Whitwell Middle School, Whitwell, Tennessee

- The Whitwell Middle School's Paperclip Project web site

Wear a paperclip to protest personal intolerance, which leads to national tyranny and genocide.

Promote U.S. Election Reform:

Sponsors Donate Food to U.N. for Starving Children -- You Just Click for FREE -- Do It Often !


 Donate Idle Time on Your Computer to Support Scientific Research Such As:

        * SETI: Search for Extra Terrestrial Intellegence by Analyzing Radio Signals From Space

        * Protein Folding Simulations to Study Protein-related Diseases

    * Others  

Calendar Reform



"Worship in the Spirit of Justice" for Darfur, Sudan by Cedar Ridge Community Church

1 pm Sundays June 12 - July 10, 2005 Washington, DC

Save the Old Greenbelt Theater