Beloit College Mission

Beloit College engages the intelligence, imagination, and curiosity of its students, empowering them to lead fulfilling lives marked by high achievement, personal responsibility, and public contribution in a diverse society. Our emphasis on international and interdisciplinary perspectives, the integration of knowledge with experience, and close collaboration among peers, professors, and staff equips our students to approach the complex problems of the world ethically and thoughtfully.


Instructional Technology


Building on Beloit’s tradition of teaching and learning in an intimate setting, as well as its important focus on interdisciplinary connections, learning technologies will increasingly enhance the rich academic experience of the college community.

We envision a future in which the process of curricular development at Beloit takes place as a collaboration among faculty, instructional technologists, librarians, and pedagogy specialists. As learning technologies become widespread, the effort of identifying, implementing, and assessing the purposeful use of these tools will require the involvement of all participants. This approach will help create a campus culture of sharing and cooperation, and empower the college community to use information technologies and resources collaboratively, effectively and critically.

Digital technologies are transforming the nature of scholarly work in a fundamental way. Recognizing this, instructional technologists will focus on developing a high level of digital literacy in our academic community, particularly the ability to create, share and evaluate information using learning technologies.

By fostering the use of tools and practices that suit the liberal arts paradigm, Beloit will become a model for the integration of technology and education.


Instructional Technology provides expertise and leadership in the intersections of technology, teaching, and learning in support of the academic mission of Beloit College. We support faculty and staff through consulting and development opportunities. We support student academic success through facilitated learning opportunities and through collaborative relationships across campus.

We fulfill this mission by: