Bylaws for the Beverly Public Library

Teen Advisory Board

Adopted January 25, 2013

Revised January 31, 2017


This organization shall be called "The Teen Advisory Board of the Beverly Public Library" and abbreviated as "TAB." The unofficial name of TAB is Totally Awesome Booklovers.


The mission of TAB is to promote Beverly Public Library's services to youth (in grades 6-12) by:

The existence of TAB does not preclude the development of other youth programs by library staff.


        Section 1:

TAB shall be coordinated by the Young Adult Librarian who will serve as TAB advisor and supervise all TAB meetings, activities, and special projects. The TAB advisor will provide guidance in planning TAB activities and reserves the right to reject and or revise an idea due to space or budget constraints.

         Section 2:

TAB is limited to 13 members.         

         Section 3:

TAB membership is open to students in grades 6 through 12.         

         Section 4:

Members may continue to serve on TAB until member graduates from high school or reaches 19 years of age, whichever is last.         

        Section 5:

A member shall be placed on suspension after 3 unexcused absences and become "inactive" after four consecutive, unexcused absences. Inactive members will not be informed of meetings. They will be taken off the mailing list and will no longer be eligible to vote. An absence shall be considered unexcused when a member is absent from an official TAB meeting and makes no effort to inform the TAB advisor. It is up to the TAB advisor to decide if an absence is excused or unexcused.


        Section 1:

The officers shall be a president, a vice-president, and a secretary elected from the members of TAB. All officers should make a special effort to attend all meetings, programs, and special events sponsored by TAB.

        Section 2:

The presidents of TAB will work closely with the TAB advisor to organize TAB meetings. The president will assist the TAB advisor in creating the meeting agenda and will preside over TAB meetings. The president will act as a contact person for other TAB members who want items added to the meeting agenda.

        Section 3:

The vice-president will serve as the president in their absence. The vice-president will serve as membership coordinator, keeping track of active and inactive members and new applications. The vice-president will inform and remind all members of upcoming meetings, programs, and special events.

         Section 4:

The secretary will keep minutes of TAB meetings and keep them on file in a binder in the YA area. The secretary will be responsible for the attendance sheets at all meetings and inform the vice-president of absent members at meetings. The secretary will read the highlights of the previous meeting's minutes at the beginning of each regular meeting. The secretary will see to the upkeep of the master file of minutes to be kept in the YA area. The secretary will keep track of all votes taken at each meeting. The secretary will serve as the president in the absence of the presiding president and vice-president.

* Section 5:

Officers will serve a term of one year, from November to the following November.

* Section 6:

Each November a new election will be held. Officers may serve in the same office for unlimited terms.


        Section 1:

The regular meetings will be held on one Friday afternoon every month, unless scheduling is not possible. Attendance expectations for summer meetings are relaxed due to vacations and other commitments.

        Section 2:

Special meetings may be called by the TAB advisor to complete tasks as needed.


        Section 1:

It is the responsibility of the Treasurer to keep an accurate accounting of the funds raised, spent, and held by the TAB.

        Section 2:

Any monies raised will be stored in the Young Adult Librarian’s office, which remains locked when she is not present.

        Section 3:

Votes will be taken before TAB monies are spent. Eligible purchases would include materials to support the TAB, provide programs for youth, and others to be determined and approved by the TAB.


TAB members will keep the TAB mission at the forefront of all TAB activities.         

         Section 1:

During all TAB meetings, activities, and library functions, TAB members will act in a way that reflects positively on the Beverly Public Library.

        Section 2:

TAB members will show respect for other TAB members, library staff, and library patrons. Members will demonstrate respect for others by listening attentively when someone else is speaking, asking questions when clarification is needed, and by refraining from negative comments when responding to other people's ideas.

        Section 3:

TAB members will show respect for library materials and property by taking care to leave meeting spaces neat and orderly.

        Section 4:

TAB members will strive to make use of their time during meetings and while working on projects by staying on task.


In the extremely rare case that a member of TAB is consistently disruptive to the mission of TAB, it is the responsibility of the TAB advisor to remove that person from the membership. The TAB advisor will make every attempt to resolve the situation before removing the member from the Board.