Blogging: Book Reviews

Today you will begin working on your second blog post -- a book review. You will need your Writers' Notebook to draft your review. After a teacher has edited your draft, you may begin typing up your post!

What details should be included in your book review?

Paragraph 1

A) Your topic sentence should include the book title, author and genre.

B) Introduce the book by giving a short summary of the setting (Where and When), characters(Who) and the main plot/problem/dilemma (What and Why), but be sure not to give away the ending!

C) Think of a question to leave your reader wanting more (a cliffhanger).

Paragraph 2

A) Describe your favorite part of the book. This could be particular scene or plot point, or the overall tone of the story (clever, mysterious, funny).

B) Make a personal connection between yourself and the book. Is there a character you identify with? A scene that reminds you of something that has happened in real life?

C) Conclude your book review with a recommendation for your readers. For example, "If you liked ______, you'll love ______." Or, "I recommend _________ to anyone who enjoyed reading ______." Don't forget to explain your recommendation!