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516                DelHawk Myrna (206) x RST Times A Wastin

Already successfully shown at the Illinois State Fair. 2nd place Open show - youngest in the class by 2 months.

December 2015        Polled                 

602                BOF 603 x RST Times A Wastin

This one will catch your eye. Dark red, great disposition. Maternal Grand Dam was a National Champion at NAILE.

Horned         February

604                BOF 106 ET (Keysha x Online) x Wyarno

BOF 106 is a full blood sister to Star Olivia (record selling cow selling to Sullivans). This girl is coming on stronger every day. You will not be disappointed.

February        Polled                 

608                GA WSC MISS KEEPSAKE 328B ET (P43527180) x RST Times A Wastin

GA WSC is a full sister to the popular outcross bull Unleashed. This is her first calf and she is really put together. A younger heifer, but possibly the best we have.

May                 Polled

609                (SOLD) Holden (Kahuna) X RST Times A Wastin

We purchased this Holden cow from Chris Happ a couple of years ago. This is the first female she has produced. Dark red and striking.

May 2015                Horned

613                Pee Wee x Wyarno

Pee Wee (SSF Vicky x Moler x Durango) is a family favorite. Extremely docile. This heifer is very green, but will hit her stride once she get acclimated to weaning.

June 2015


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504                Purple 60A x H Perfect Timing

Good numbered bull-Low Birthweight. Sound! Weight 1150 at 13 months. We kept him as a bull for ourselves, but recently purchased a full sib to the Denver National Champion LCC Time Traveler. Purple Reign and Hoffman breeding!

May                 Polled

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Bull Calves / Steers

601                BOF YCC 210 x Wyarno

Owned with Young Cattle Company, 210 is out of an About Time embryo we bought from DelHawks. This is only her second calf and is turning out quite nicely. We thought he would make a real good steer, but as he matures, we hate to cut him.

Polled                 January

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606                Blacktop Vicky (SSF Vicky x Moler) X Pure Gold

February        Pure Gold

504                Purple 60A X H Perfect Timing



506                Purple Becca X Chi Chi