A-Shell Conference Post #10, 25 September 2014

(Tortoise link corrected 26 Sep)

Subject: Get your laptop (and mind) ready for the Conference!

To get the most out of the Conference, it will be fairly essential to bring a laptop as there will be a lot of hand-on activities. Besides the obvious things to have on hand (some of your source code, a runtime-environment suitable to giving a brief demo if the opportunity arises, etc.) we’d like you to install the following software packages in advance, if possible:

As for preparing your mind, remember that besides sharing with your peers and hearing what we’ve been working on lately, this is the best opportunity for you to tell us what you need or want out of A-Shell or us over the next few years. So please give it some thought and be prepared to make the most of our time together. We can guarantee you that any proposals lobbied for personally at the Conference are given a lot more weight than those merely sent remotely.

A-Shell Conference Post #9, 17 August 2014

Subject: Latest Info

As of today, we have the following people attending the conference for sure:

- Herman Roehm  (and Sandy)

        - Ken Barnes (and LuWayne)

        - Tom Reynolds

        - Joe Leibel (and Chris)

        - Denis Giroux (and Denise)

        - Jack McGregor (and Mona)

        - Ty Griffin

Rene Villar, Steve Evans and Tom Heim are still possible, but not confirmed.  Regardless of whether they come, we’re going to have a smaller group than in years past.

There are still five women, which is a good-sized group for visiting museums and doing whatever they’re going to be doing.

Because of the small size of the technical group, we’re going to pretty much dispense with structure and program, and talk about what the attendees want to talk about.

A-Shell Conference Post #8, 12 August 2014

Subject: Status and General Information

We're about eight weeks out from our Conference in Trois-Rivières; here's an update on the status of various things.


The following people are committed or expected:

        - Herman Roehm  (and Sandy)

        - Ken Barnes (and LuWayne)

        - Tom Reynolds

        - Joe Leibel (and Chris)

        - Steve Evans

        - Denis Giroux (and Denise)

        - Louis d'Amour

        - Jack McGregor (and Mona)

        - Ty Griffin

- René Villar (likely, not confirmed)
        - Tom Heim (possible, undecided)

That's down a few from our usual 12-15 in the meeting room.  Sadly, we've had several late cancellations of people we were expecting:  Jorge Tavares, Steven Shatz, Stephen Funkhouser, Don Heierman, Frank DiMario. The reasons are all over the map—schedule, personal/family issues, health, business crises, etc.—mostly random coincidence rather than any sudden decline in the health and enthusiasm of the A-Shell community, as far as we can tell. It still seems like a good group, although any additional cancellations might threaten the critical mass and put us below our room block commitment. So if any of you on the list above are thinking of cancelling, please let us know right away. And for those of  who haven't yet reserved your hotel room, the hold on the rates and availability was only promised through Aug 1; we think they may hold it for a couple more days but you really need to book now to avoid paying more—and to give us a little more assurance that you're really coming!
To repeat: if you haven’t already done do, book your hotel room NOW. Hotel booking info is farther down this page.

Technical agenda

As usual, we like to see or hear something about the application you're working on, technical and business problems being faced, successes, failures, etc.  It's both an opportunity to get new ideas from others' work, as well as to solicit ideas/suggestions from others about your own.  If you can come prepared to give us a short talk or demo/screen shots, please do.  But don't stress out trying to make a professional demo; no one's interested in buying your product! They just want to see enough to get an idea.

Arrivals / Departures

If you haven't already sent us your arrival / departure times, please do so.  Our hosts—Denis Giroux and his company Celibec—have graciously offered to try to arrange airport transportation but it's hard for them to plan without information.

Montréal Pre-conference

For those of you planning to spend one or more nights in Montréal prior to the conference, let us know which hotel you're staying in and whether you want to get together with others for sightseeing/whatever.  At the very least it will be most convenient for our transportation to Trois-Rivières Wednesday afternoon if we are in reasonable proximity for pickup.  If you haven't yet booked, and want to coordinate with others or want us to coordinate/reserve for you, just let us know.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you, and especially to seeing you in Trois-Rivières.

A-Shell Conference Post #7, 10 August 2014

Subject: Delta Hotel Montréal Availability, part 2

Here’s an update for people wishing to spend some time in Montréal before/after the conference.

Nightly rate: $179 Canadian, plus 18.5% tax, single or double occupancy

Available dates: 3 October through 13 October

Included: Accommodations only, no meals

Reservation deadline: 12 September


Telephone: : 514-286-1986, mention “A-Shell Conference” or “Code 14GAMIC”

Web: https://www.deltahotels.com/Groups/Delta-Montreal-Groups/A-Shell-Conference-MicroSabio

A-Shell Conference Post #6, 28 May 2014

Subject: Seminar Topics

We would like to hear regarding topics for the conference. What would you like to learn more about? What new A-Shell directions or features would you like to discuss—or propose? How could A-Shell better meet your needs as programmer / developer / businessperson?  We expect the conference to cover a wide range of topics, as usual, and we want to make sure that we address the topics that are of concern to you.

You can send your suggestions, ideas and requests to Jack or Ty by email, or you can post them to the Community...A-Shell Conference thread on the A-Shell forum. One way or another, we hope to hear from you.

A-Shell Conference Post #5, 28 May 2014

Subject: Are You Attending?

We have received "Yes I'll be attending" confirmations or hotel reservations from:

Steven Shatz, Aesops

Joe Leibel and wife Chris, Applied Micro Systems

Ken Barnes and wife LuWayne, Kilands Office Systems

Herman Roehm and wife Sandy, Lexicom

Denis Giroux and wife Denise, Celibec

Tom Reynolds, Omniledger

Steve Evans, Caliq

Jack McGregor and wife Mona

Ty Griffin

If you are not on the above list, we'd like to hear from you. The conference is months away and there is no desperate rush to make hotel reservations or other arrangements, but we would nonetheless like to know sooner than later if you are planning to attend. Please send an email message to ty@microsabio.com.

A-Shell Conference Post #4, 28 May 2014

Subject: Delta Montréal room rates

For those of you thinking about spending time before/after the conference in Montreal, we have secured a rate of $179 per night, single or double occupancy, at the Delta Montréal. (The hotel is part of the same Delta chain that we are using in Trois Riviéres.) We do not have a block of rooms set aside, but the rate is confirmed. We have not yet heard how to make the reservation for that rate, so please do not act now; details will be posted when they are available. But the $179 CDN is a significant improvement over the $229/$269 quoted on the hotel’s website for October 6 and 7.

A-Shell Conference Post #3, 27 May 2014

Subject: Hotel rates before/after conference

The conference rates of $128 or $158 are available not just during the conference days, but “for a few days” both before and after the conference. So if you are planning to arrive early or stay late, you should be able to get the same room rate for your entire stay. As of this date, the conference rate is NOT available through the website, but it should be within a few days.

A-Shell Conference Post #2, 20 May 2014

Reservations may now be made by either (a) the toll-free number shown below, or (b) the new web pages that have been created for the A-Shell Conference here:  


(short version: http://goo.gl/SkvQWI )

If you haven’t yet notified us whether you plan to attend, we would appreciate hearing soon.

A-Shell Conference Post #1, 15 May 2014

A-Shell Conference 2014: Dates and Times

After many conversations, consultations, research and ouija board sessions, we have decided on a time and place for the 2014 A-Shell Developers Conference.

Location: Trois Rivières, Quebec

Hotel: Delta Trois Rivières

Dates: October  8 - 12

The overall schedule for the conference is as it has been in previous years:

Hotel Reservations: We have reserved (and committed to) a block of rooms for those 4 nights. You have a choice of a standard room at 128 $cdn, or a first class room which includes a view of the river and hot breakfast for 158 $cdn (about 118 / 145 in $US at the current exchange rate). The rooms and the rates will be held until August 1, but the mixture of rooms is not guaranteed, so we strongly advise you to book early to assure your choice. (There is no room cancellation penalty up until the October 6, so there is no good excuse to delay.)  A special web page will be set up for online reservations next week, but you can also reserve by phone at 800-268-1133 starting now. (Make sure to mention that you are with the A-Shell Conference.)

Transportation: Trois-Rivières is about 90 minutes drive from Montréal, but you can probably get by without renting a car. Our local host, Mr. Denis Giroux of Celibec, who has already provided much valuable assistance in helping us find and evaluate locations, is going do his best to arrange rides to/from the airport for most, if not all, of the attendees. When you have your airline reservations, let us know your arrival and departure times and we will work with Denis to coordinate ground transportation. (Note: if you decide to fly into Québec City, about 90 minutes to the other side of Trois-Rivières, you’ll have to arrange your own transportation, but there is a convenient bus service that runs several times a day, and which drops off adjacent to the Hotel Delta.)

Local information and assistance:  If you have any questions, needs, wants, interests, etc., Denis will undoubtedly be a good source of information. He can be contacted here:  dgiroux@celibec.com.

Action Required: Now that we have a date and time, we would like to you to confirm that you are planning to attend so that we can begin to make our plans. Please reserve your room (a good indicator of your intentions), or send us a message (ty@microsabio.com) stating one of the following:

        □ Definitely Attending          

□ Definitely Not Attending        

□ Still Considering                

We’ll be following up over the next few weeks with updates and further details.  We’ll also be working on the technical agenda, so if you have any suggestions for topics you’d like to have covered, it’s not too soon to suggest them.

Thanks and regards,

Jack & Ty