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What Happened

Sep 24 10:20 pm Local Update:

According to latest reports, the death toll has mounted to over 150 and tally of injured persons has reached to several hundreds.  District Awaran of Balochistan has been affected most in today’s earthquake, where it has caused most of the casualties and destruction in many remote areas. (source: Samaa TV)

Original Summary

M7.8 - 69km NNE of Awaran, Pakistan 27.016°N 65.547°E depth=15.0km (9.3mi).  The earthquake was felt across Pakistan and India.   Houses were reported damaged across city of Awaran as 7.8 quake strikes Pakistan, roofs of 2 schools collapsed - local media   Deputy speaker #Balochistan Assembly says 30 killed in Awaran due to severe #earthquake #Pakistan

7.7 Tues, 24 Sept 2013, 16:29:49 PST, 10, 120 km SW of Khuzdar, Balochistan, 27.09N, 65.61,

5.7 Tues, 24 Sept 2013, 17:07:01 PST, 114, Mitthi, Sindh 5.7, 24.51N, 69.69E

5.2 Tues, 24 Sept 2013, 17:42:16 PST, 26, 66 km SW of Khuzdar, 5.2, 27.30N, 65.80E

Volunteers performed media monitoring and tracked social media for impacts to communications, locations, officials and response.  Paras is regional team lead and published did you feel it and earthquake tips in English, Hindi and Urdu.

National & Regional Links

National Disaster Pakistan page: 

Provencial Disaster Management Authority Balochistan 
National Seismic Monitoring Karachi 

Emergency Numbers

Ambulance 115

Fire Brigade 16

Police 15
Emergency Telephone Numbers in Pakistan


Unconfirmed: @SedraHassan Ufone and ptcl are only working while other telecommunication are not working in #Earthquake effected area of #quetta”

UFone Facebook 

Earthquake Reporter - Around 200000 people are without power and are in the worst affected epicentral area. This is around 45 times less than the 2005 Kashmir earthquake.


Oil and gas companies

Power companies

Telecommunications companies

Water and Power Development Authority

Traditional Media and blogs   At least 50 die in Balochistan earthquake
Newsweek Pakistan @NewsweekPak   Article

BBC Urdu  - 

BBC Urdu - Machine Translated to English


Twitter list to follow 

Journalist in Balochistan: @adi_baloch
Journalist: @omar_quraishi

Verified Accounts in Pakistan: @samsung_pk @PakistanLFC @bbcurdu @usembislamabad @USCGLahore @usconsulatekhi


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PDMA: Facebook

Correspondent for GEO News 

Maps and Situational awareness reports

Map of Balochistan, Pakistan with list of towns

Situation Reports:  Sitrep

USGS Sitrep

GDACS Sitrep




List of hospitals in Pakistan



See list of Red Crescent for Pakistan 


Red Cross

International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

Urgent Needs Information

Unconfirmed: @UbaidAwan #Earthquake areas faces now shortage of medicines and doctors at local hospitals, @SAMAATV reported #Balochistan #Awaran #Pakistan


Transportation, Infrastructure and Road Conditions:

Social media and mainstream news media are reporting multiple towns are impacted with heavy impacts to the Awaran District. (source)

There are reports of casualties in other areas of the province including Turbat, Gwadar, Mashkel and Dalbadin (source). A lot of damage has occurred in the Khuzdar district in the Arawan area via Earthquake Reporter

Lasbela District is reported to have impacts

The district consists of nine tehsils, Bela, Uthal, Hub, Lakhra, Somiani, Dureaji, Lairi, Gaddani and Konnaj. The district has 27 patwar circles and 293 mauzas (villages).

Gwadar, Pakistan - Port City in Gwadar District of Balochistan - Population 85,000 - loc 25.2°N 62.19°E

Turbat, Pakistan in Kech District of Balochistan - pop 79,200 loc: 26°0′15″N 63°3′38″E

Kuzdhar is city in Khuzdar District with District population  estimated to be over 525,000 Khuzdar is at the apex of a narrow valley at an elevation of 1,237 metres (4,058 ft). - loc 27°48′N 66°37′

Animals in Disaster

Animal Welfare and Rescue NGOs

List of Veterinary Doctors in Pakistan

Wildlife Rescues/Sanctuaries in Pakistan

Rann of Kutch Wildlife Sanctuary

Fakes &

Reports of conflicting depths from zero to 20km deep

GDACS Earthquake Magnitude 7.7M, Depth: 0km

USGS  7.7M depth=20.0km (12.4mi)

pmdnmcc Seismic Monitoring Center  7.7M  10 km deep

Pakistan alert levels24 Sep  00:00UTC Due to some technical difficulties, the GDACS system initially evaluated the Pakistan earthquake of 24/09 as an Orange alert. After the issues were fixed, the alert level was updated to Red

Video and photos

Photo images of reportedly new Island of Gwadar coast


Volunteers reporting in: Bettie, Chris, Cat, Alice, Cindy, Paras